Replace your alarm system keypad with an ActionTiles touch-screen tablet — Konnected DIY add-on

Replace your alarm system keypad with an ActionTiles touch-screen tablet — Konnected DIY add-on

You’ve modernized your old wired alarm system with the Konnected Alarm Panel [] and now you want to update those ugly wired alarm system keypads. It’s easy and can be done for less than $100!

Products shown in this video:
Amazon Fire 7 tablet –
12V to 5V USB power converter –
Crimp connectors –
3M Command Strips –
Wire stripper and crimp tool –
3M Scotch mounting tape –
ActionTiles –
Fully Kiosk Browser –



MrDjmurdock says:

That is cool what bout a iPad

Hussain Mohamed says:

son of a bitch

Sandile Mpontshane says:

i think i missed something here, where did u connect the data cables?

Samantha Gray says:

Holy crap seriously please never touch wiring again.

Isak Winter says:

Would this work for a Google Home connected to Home Assistant or Smart things?

Ray Forrester says:

Could I use the tablet as a chime also (when doors are opened)

SteveWenzl says:

I highly recommend not using a Fire tablet for this project. In order for Fully Kiosk Browser to work properly, it has to run itself in "kiosk mode," and it does this by making itself the default launcher app. Current gen Fire 7 tablets do not allow this, and no root/bootloader unlock methods are available for it as of today. I'm currently using a Fire tablet and I periodically have to restart Fully because it gets minimized for reasons that I haven't been able to figure out yet. I'm going to replace it with a cheap 7 inch Android tablet that is actually designed to work as an Android tablet, unlike the Fires.

SteveWenzl says:

Could you share your Fully configuration? I'm having trouble with mine occasionally being minimized for no reason.

Team Chemtrail Pilots says:

When are you going to ship? I purchased back on January 6th….

Jeff Tight says:

Wait!! So you spend $$$$$ to install and maintain a home alarm system and now you are compromising it by connecting to the wildly insecure internet so kids and thieves alike can play with your home security, Please tell me I'm wrong and why!

Bob Garrity says:

Seems like it would make a whole lot more sense to do away with keypads altogether and just switch to a smartphone ap based system.

Stef Hendrik says:

great video's

Bobby Hill says:


I'm curious why, in your alarm panel, you wouldn't connect the Red wire to one of your 5V leads. Then you can simply splice a micro USB cable onto the end and have 5V coming straight from the wall instead of a big 12V to 5V converter wall wart.

aawg_au says:

Do you know how I would go about getting power to the wires? The home came pre-wired for an alarm system but we never used it and there is no power coming to the red/black wires.

Remy Romano says:

Did I miss the part where action tiles interfaces with the alarm panel? I know it works with smart things but I’m not getting the alarm panel integration.

Gamer PickUps says:

Basically just using power and sticking a tablet on the wall

Kevin Beekman says:

Manufacturing a micro USB dock and having the tablet mount into it would eliminate most of the ugliness of the power cord profile and would look more professional. The mount being on the bottom would also secure the tablet to the wall with correct wall anchors.

Matt Kerwin says:

How does the tablet read your wired connections through smart things?

James Stafursky says:

Do you think this could send push/texts then? Could this integrate with Google Home? I would love to disconnect with

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