Top 10 Home Security Hacks

Top 10 Home Security Hacks

The “Talking Hands” are back for another indepth Top Ten List!!! 10 cheap and easy ways to increase the security of your home. Protect your Family, Home and Property from burglars and home invaders.


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Joe Smith says:

Just beat these mother fuckers to death and there ya go, done finished. See em? run up on em and snatch the fuckin life right out from em. Get their ID track down the bitch that bore sm and kill her to. All these little wast of lives just need killin thats all. You kill em ain't no one gonna care I promise ya that. They are the scum of the earth drug addicts and cowards kill em all.

MC5 Limited Skills says:

Spanish bayonet plants around your windows. They have giant spikes that are comparable to freshly sharpened pencils.
The wounds cause nasty infections that will require medical attention. The asshat that robbed our house was found at the hospital.

Anicecoldbeer 86 says:

Nothing in this video covered how to hack or prevent hacking home security systems. Tips on general home security maybe, but no hacking here. The video is in a list of videos on hacking security cameras..which is easy since most are linux based. If you want to stop people from turning your network enabled security camera into a linux device on which they can execute commands, then this is not the video.

TIER zero says:

Those hand gestures though.

Robert Drouin says:

For lights and other home security products, go to

Lytricia Mithchell says:

Ahhh you might be home but you might just be lazy

GalaxyBunny 116 says:

Had a bad dream about a break in..made me rethink my family's system thanks for the tips!

Gone Fishing says:

Exactly as I think, Kudos.

jooneemoon says:

an intercom is one way of communicating with a caller without opening the door. it's the only protection for anyone who feels vulnerable about opening the door to strangers

Serial Killer says:

I have a six foot fence around my house with 5 dogs with lights and a gun per room no one could get in here. I have metal doors with frames, I also put traps up .75 feet to the gate to the door my dogs can make it in 2.1 sec .Always tell the cops you were afraid of you life IF you have to kill it will keep you out of jail.
Last resort i go into my hide out under ground and blow the house up .

YouTubeWatcher says:

don't answer and when they break in, they won't be able to anymore :).

Joe Public says:

This guy has a car salesman voice

Mike Bartoli says:

"HACKS" !?!? PIcking up your newspaper, mowing your lawn, keeping your garage door closed…..Are you serious? Dude, you're a hack and you're wasting people's time

Heather Chandler says:

I have a feeling my dogs have scared off a burglar before, I heard a knock on the door and my dogs (both Great Danes) started barking, when I looked through the peephole I saw no one, so I cracked open the door and saw no package. Who ever was there ran away. It could've been a ding-dong ditch (but with knocking) but I live in a quiet neighbor hood with mostly elderly people. Thanks dogs! 😂😁

Scorpion Sunday says:

I can see from your tools on the wall that you are a cyclist. Cheers!

Roger Deese says:

Back before I bought a real nice security camera system, I bought 4 fake cameras on Amazon for $25. LOL worked great with my drug dealing neighbor. He was livid and called the police when I pointed one at his house. The cops were cool with it and laughed when they found out that the cams were fake.

yourpersonalspammer says:

the best security items are printed on the cups

Kaos 911 says:

This is awful. One shot/angle.

Danielle Shuford-Mack says:

I realize its not an option in most states but I live in Washington with very nice lose gun laws. I am legally allowed to keep a loaded gun right next to my door or in the home ready to go. Someone I don't know comes to the door, and they want to be persistent about trying to get me to open my door I can cock my gun and tell them to leave, they are trespassing. At that point 99% of people will just walk away

Danielle Shuford-Mack says:

Before I watch your clip, my favorite home alarm system is a hound dog, or some other dog with a bark loud enough to pull you out of a deep sleep. The dog is your friend and your home is the dog's home. The dog doesn't want intruders anymore than you do. They don't need electricity to work, and they can double as a distraction or a partner in a home invasion scenario, or at least a deterrent to someone breaking in. My favorite addition to any home defense system is at least one firearm, or weapon of some sort. With a dog and a weapon your pretty much ready for most home invasions.

Xracer 599 says:

Excellent video mate, thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Vajk says:

For the faux dog you can also leave size 13-15 steel capped boots and an empty box of shotgun carriages out next to a large water bowl and have a note saying be careful when you enter as ripper and killer aren't chained to the kennel

Long Chen says:

i think this guy speaks a little faster than average

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