Top 5 Best Home Security Systems You Should Have

Top 5 Best Home Security Systems You Should Have

These Security Systems may look cute, but they are better than the fiercest watch dog

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►1.Buddy Guard:

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Top 5 best home security system in 2016
Presence Pro
presence pro home security ,will make o make a smart home available for everyone. It lets you control your home security system from the comforts of your home. It is an application called Presence. It turns your iPhone or iPad into a spare WiFi video camera. It supports video clips and web browser support. You can view multiple security cameras from the application. They will add smart plugs and robotic camera holders. This will enable turning the light on or off. It can turn the heat up when no one is present.


Sandbox home has camera motion detectors that let you view your activities at home from your phone ,iPhone or android. You can capture stunning HD images and videos from the comes standard wit wireless security systems that allow You to check in and view live video anytime from anywhere. You can also ,view, greet, and talk with your visitors from wherever you are,or record a voice message. Also with Sandbox Cloud you can store thousands of videos clips and audio from your smartphone. Sandbox monitoring system,works with a team of professionals that are monitoring your property 24/7. The system also feature a smart doorbell that alerts you on your phone or electronic device that you have a visitor at the door. You can arm and disarm the alarm system from your smartphone. You can create a Sandbox circle to keep track of your family members. The prices of the services are from $10, $20, and $30.

Point Secured

Point security can be controlled from your smartphone. Point security has a beeper alert on the smartphone that will turn the lights on inside. There is no upfront costs. They sell a panic button remote, digital surveillance cameras
video recorder, passive infrared motion, and carbon monoxide detector.


Cocoon is claimed as the world’s smartest home security. The smart little device that can sense activity through the walls to keep you feeling safe. It alerts you if something unusual happens in your home. Cocoon is pet friendly so you will have no false alarms. it one of the best home security system on the market.

Buddy Guard

Alerts your alarm system when you are leaving the premises so it can turn itself on and when you arrive home so it can turn itself off. The alarm system operates by having six components : HD wireless camera, motion sensor, microphone, accelerometer, temperature sensor, speaker and siren. It is a smart system that is affordable for everyone.



Ryan James Carson says:

I had a kaleidoscope of problems with ADT. I then changed over to Frontpoint Security and could not be more satisfied, especially with their customer service which is truly exceptional

Ryan J Carson says:

Frontpoint is the best. Search for YouTube reviews and you will find that front point is number one and just about all

LockedHome says:

good collection of videos


Security systems around the world

Africa:none (not many suspects to go through if you live in a village)

India:a door and window sensor

Europe:an alarm and possible a security camera

America:10 to 30 guns 1 to 5 security camera's (per room)

Russia:AK wielding bear

GONIMO says:

Very cool! 😉

Steel Shrapnel says:

ADT is a horrible customer service company and more of a threat to your family compared to the average street level criminal. I dropped ADT three years ago after moving to new address and they continue to withdraw from my bank account for one year because I didn't have the money to pay off the contract in full for the second year. After the ADT contract was paid in full I called to discontinue services. ADT continue stilling another 6 months of automatic withdraws after cancelation and after calling them for the fifth time ADT claimed they would send a reimbursement check for only three months. ADT did not send a reimbursement check, but actually sent service bills in the mail to my new address for additional six months.

I called again asking them to simply stop by the second bill received. They continued and after another six months of mailing service bills they turned my non-existing account over to a collection agency falsely claiming I owe them $351.85 the same amount they illegally withdrew from my bank account previous six months. Now I'm fighting with ADT's debit credit thugs Source RM. This has turned into a legalized criminal nightmare against my family.

For current ADT users if you ever leave they'll punish you. I highly recommend leaving ADT regardless and audio record all phone conversions with ADT reps, record dates, and time in attempt to prevent ADT financially raping you. Notify your bank if you fell for the automatic withdraw scam. Absolutely don't allow ADT access to automatic withdraw…! If you continue to receive ADT service bills in the mail call an attorney immediately…!

findvoltage says:

cool now i know why i smashed that phone up on the wall last year, luckily my wife framed it and put in in the lounge room for all to see.

Niko says:

and i have a emp generetor

ashish chopra says:

are these available in india ?

Martin Hiesboeck says:

Check out this new gadget. It helps you save hundreds of dollars ion water and sewerage feeds and keeps your home safe!

Kimo Kavika says:

STAY AWAY FROM ADT. ADT has undoubtedly been one of the worst experiences of my life. Their sales person misrepresented its service from the get go and its installers/service support was completely incompetent. I was forced to disconnect it since it was triggering false alarms to the police and the city was threatening me with large monetary fines. ADT gave me the round-around when I contacted them to complain and I found I was still obligated to pay for it for a minimum of 2 years. They couldn't even successfully install what I originally ordered and I had to settle for less coverage. The installer was a complete idiot and couldn't even get the system working. I had to contact ADT Headquarters and had their technician walk me through programming it myself before I could get it to even work. Fortunately I have a background in sensor technology from working in Aerospace for 20 years. I could tell the installer was a complete idiot and kept trying to install used hardware from a company in Canada. I contacted that manufacturer and it was clear I was getting ripped off. When I complained to ADT they gave me their classic run-around. Their customer website does not keep accurate records of complaints or service calls either. I already had a hardwired Brinks system that had been working for me flawlessly for over 20 years and I wanted to extend the coverage. The sales charlatan told me their system could provide that with wireless sensors and match the reliability of Brinks. I stupidly fell for that. They never made it clear about the mandatory 2 year payment in spite of unreliable service. ADT neither keeps accurate records of correspondence/service calls on their customer website. They really don't even have a functional feedback mechanism for complaints. I stopped using this worthless system months ago and they continue to rob me from my money until the misleading 24 month obligatory payment period is over. They are a SCAM in action. Avoid them at all costs and get a local security service that has a proven record of satisfactory performance before investing in a security system. I foolishly bought into believing their advertisements thinking they since were national based and they should match what they advertised. They did not.

Edward Clark says:

What if my phones dead Nd I don't have a landline

Edward Clark says:

Why on earth would I buy that when it doesn't even call thr cops?

sha370z says:

its going to be like 3 people or more when they break in

God Soldier says:

Can you provide where we can buy them for best price


False sense of security in many ways. If your home and shit happens the by the time the cops come it will be all over so ya better have a gun.

If you're not home and shit happens their only gonna be in there for 6 minutes. You can't do anyting about it and it's gonna take the cops at least 15 minutes to get there. All the cops are good for in that situation is to provide you with a police report for the insurance company. And to ad insult to injury the thief will probably steal your security system to!

Alarm Tech911 says:

All this systems shown have one flaw…they aren't monitored which means a notification on your phone won't help you if your the one in danger

Lovemore Nyausaru says:

Very interesting

Susan Dyck says:

ya and someone with a lazer probably would disable it

Eric Cartmenez says:

Lol imagine one went off by accident and just triggered all ten others

NegativeJayK LootyNive says:

I have old iPad mini but I'm using my new iPad Air 2 I really don't care duh NGDALI says:

The first one can be done with a simple spare phone….
you don't need that expensive 50 dollar stand -_-

Harry M says:

If I bought every gadget and widget I "must have", I'd end up wasting loads of cash on useless junk that would only gather dust.

Al Casablancas says:

Nailed it on the interracial family. Nice.

Cody says:

all i need is 5 trillion sensors to keep my damn house safe

Lucíolo Júnior says:

Sarah's dress is awful.

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