Top 9 Best Home Security System 2019 You Must Have

Top 9 Best Home Security System 2019 You Must Have

1- Ring Alarm ..
Home Security System with optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring – 8 piece kit – Works with Alexa

2- Arlo Security System …
With a versatile all-in-one sensor you can place anywhere to notify you of motion, water leak, temperature change, or smoke and carbon monoxide alter detection.

3- ADT Command Smart Home Security …
Smarter Security. Better Control.

4- abode Essentials Starter Kit …
DIY Wireless Home Security System | Works with Alexa

5- Aqara Gateway Hub Smart Home Hub and Alarm Works …
with Apple Homekit and Siri Included Free US Plug, Stock in USA

6- SimCam – An Unparalleled AI Home Security Camera …
AI Facial recognition | No false alert | 1080P | Starlight vision | Wifi | No Monthly Fee | Local storage | 2-way audio

7- Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert …
Alexa Enabled Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm with Premium Home Speaker

8- Honeywell Smart Home Security …
Honeywell Home Smart Home Security is all-in-one self-monitored system with Amazon Alexa built in.

9- Wink WNKHUB-2US 2 Smart home hub …
Easily connect and manage your smart home ecosystem with Wink Hub 2. Compatible with all major smart home categories,



Jamison Gross says:

This video is so wrong. I have Vivint which is way better than all of these.

Stanford Leeham says:

Hotel Drop out System Smart hotel automation
Housekeeping automation of loading to washer and washer to dryer.

Landry combat top washer and bottom dryer

Vitor Vieira Souto says:

I bought Fortress Security on Amazon and it is the best, im using it in Brazil and works very well

Earth Error says:

That's Alan Walker?

YouFoundPixilent says:

Where is nest’s security product? It is really good looking in design and how it works.

sarah gilland says:

Adt sucks u need a credit check to see if u can even buy it I know for a fact cause I called the damn thing last night. It's sad that if it was the companys family at stake and they couldn't afford few thousand dollars up front that they be pist to if it was the matter of there family safety

Bill Latibay says:

Lol nest and simplisafe has left the chat

gabe606 says:

i guess nest is not in, after their announcement ..lmao

J M says:

Had the ADT command for a couple of months. It’s fantastic! Cams are high quality and app speed is incredible. The encryptions built in the system is far superior to the others listed. Do your research before you purchase.

Reginald Owens says:

A couple of these are not security systems and really shouldn't be used as such. Further, this lost me with the Wink recommendation. As a former Wink user, not only should this product not be recommended, the company may be on the brink of failure. Your Amazon link to the product is actually a third-party seller who is price gauging the product at $229+. The actual Wink Hub, when it was available (because the product is no longer available from Wink itself or its distributors such as Home Depot), was $69 for the original and $99 for Hub 2. Stay clear away from number 9 and that Amazon seller.

Arjun Mundkur says:


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