$100 DIY KITCHEN MAKEOVER | How To Transform Your Kitchen Step By Step | Momma From Scratch

$100 DIY KITCHEN MAKEOVER | How To Transform Your Kitchen Step By Step | Momma From Scratch

Complete $100 DIY Kitchen Makeover before and after, step by step process on how I transformed my kitchen for under $100. This Kitchen Makeover I hope this will motivate & help you makeover an area of your home ! More videos you you’d like.
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Anna St. Sauveur says:

The update is gorgeous!

TaureanKing says:

How you paint it black?

StephenNu9 says:

Nice kitchen and great counter space. We're going to change our counters and use concrete. I'll make them myself. There are techniques that will give you a variegated surface like granite but in muted tones.

Obwan Kenobi says:

I like how the cabinets came out. I don't like the back splash matching the counter top. Contrast is better. I'd go over that with glass tile sheets.
The 2 tone design is good, I'm planning to do while tops and walnut bottoms myself. You could convert to hidden hinges , kreg makes a jig for that so its easy .
That would make an interesting video. Makes the cabinets more modern and you can get soft close ones too

Dan Hynes says:

Ohh and btw I really like the granite how its white w/ grey and black marbling, Im sure its been awhile but do you remember the name or origin?

Dan Hynes says:

I like the lighter change, we just finalized getting grey cabinets w/ lighter greyardwood and white w/ grey granite in the home were building..i thin k it really opens everything up and brighter. I HATE brown anything in a home…so thats why i had to build bc even new homes had the cheapest base level builder products w/ brown tones everywhere. I have a ? about the paint, are you worried about resell w/ painted cabinets..the reason i ask is when i was looking at homes the painted cabinets really made me not want to buy it bc how they looked after wear and was shinny or either very streaky sheer paint. Or does the painting job/ paint type actually make a difference, your look waaaaay better than those in other homes ive seen. I know times change and my grey may not be popular lets say 5yrs if i sell the home and would prefer paint of course than spending another 15k on cabinets.

M says:

Backsplash should never be same as counter top

denise louque says:

Love the dark grey inside

Ron Smith says:

Those brush strokes are rough, HVLP sprayer, cheap and easy, great finish.

Diana Rosado says:

Wow!!! You did an amazing job! I love it!!!

Kathie Elia says:

We painted our countertops 4 years ago and there was a couple of spots that needed touch up during the 4th year but that was an easy fix

DH1 1 says:

8:19 OMG I could have cried when you said you hated it after all your hard work, so pleased you like it. I do too and you have given me a lot of inspiration.

redann87 says:

I am so thrilled to have found your video/channel! You went into detail about the steps so perfectly! And kudos to you for doing the cabinet makeover with your kids around…I will be doing the same in about 2 weeks! πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ they look wonderful!!

Shaelyn Brady says:

I wish I saw this before I stained my cabinets about a month ago.

Mia Ressum says:

The counters look good but it’s too busy and dark with the same backsplash

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