DIY Kitchen Tile Project | Home Renovation 86

DIY Kitchen Tile Project | Home Renovation 86

Today we get back to the kitchen tile and make big progress in the utility room and back entry.

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LynVoyager59 says:

I love the music you use in your videos. Especially when the deers were racing across the snow, epic. The tiles are looking great and the utility room actually looks amazing with the back wall done. I'm getting excited for the next BIG project. I hope you're having some success with the kitchen cupboards. When we renovated our kitchen I tried the RTA, then build myself and ended up getting someone in to do the job. Much less stress in the long run and wasn't too expensive in the scheme of things.

JoAnn Birdsong says:

I was wondering what that small open space is, or will be, where your boxes of tiles are. I haven’t heard you talk about that.

Brayan says:

How far is the drive to Lowe’s ?

Shelly Rivera says:

I'm from Michigan(live in Florida now)and miss the snow a few days a year. It's so beautiful. Glad my family is still there and I can visit. I love your channel, your house is looking great.

Carole S says:

I really enjoy watching your videos, thanks

tonya lucz says:

Looking really good!! God Bless😊

Cindy Norris says:

Enjoyed your video can't wait to see the results of you guys hard work.πŸ˜‰

Diane Black says:

you do such fine work..I really am enjoying your journey..thanks for sharing.

Gail Elwood says:

It is good when a plan comes together. The forgotten hole, hope it works out with no problems! I am sure you will figure it out! Looks great!

Searching Sabrina says:

Y'all are a beast at that tile πŸ’– I am so excited to keep seeing your progress on your home πŸ’–

Carla Hubbard says:

Love that you two work together! The tile looks great and the utility room does too!

wendy y says:

love to watch your great work

J Wollman says:

Another job well done. You two make it look so easy. You also are a great team.

Kristin Erickson says:

Love it!! So excited to see the outcome of your kitchen. Most excellent job!!

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