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Things Needed:
Paint- $20HomeDepot Behr
Primer-$15 Home Depot Killaz 2
Degreaser of your choice(I used dawn)
Glass door knobs- Amazon 10 per pack $8.95 (I used 2)
Silver handles- Amazon 24 per pack $20 (bought 1)
Black& White Marble contact paper-Amazon $10 per roll (used 7)
Self adhesive backsplash- Walmart 4 per pack $20 (used 8 packs)
I believe that’s all ☺️ #Diy #Queen #Imsovita

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Create With Cindy says:

This is great I just ran into your video and subbed I also did some updates in our kitchen Where did you find your tile for your backsplash I'd like to get something like that

Darlene Jacobs says:

Beautiful Kitchen you did a great job! We did something similar to our kitchen, painted cabinets white with new stainless steel door handles, used the gel stick on glass tiles for the back splash and used granite looking contact paper for the counters, the contact paper is still holding up after 2 and a half years and still have plenty left on roll to redo when needed only paid $10 for roll at Walmart, total for our kitchen redo was $300.

Gloria Desousa says:

I love your kitchen

Tonia Colwell says:

WOW… just WOW!

Briana Loves says:

The counters and backsplash clash, looks wayyy too busy. very good diy though

SheLovesCrafts says:

You make it look so easy!

racquel carter says:

How much did you pay for the back splash and where did you purchase it from

Kayinfso Here says:

Very nice….

KBeeAk says:

Thanks for the tip on the Super 777 spray. I am getting ready to do this same thing to our kitchen! Around the our sink area was concerning me, so this will def help. Did you use any clear silicone to seal that area as well, after you were done applying the contact paper?
Also, did you apply this around the stove? I am worried about the heat affecting the adhesive.

lovessummer2011 says:

You didn't sand your cabinets before painting, right? I love how it turned out!

jiggy loo says:

has to stop watching the waving the camera back and forth makes me super dizzy and sick to my stomach

Shondell Emanuel says:

where is the other part of the video honey?

Lole Lole says:

I love you soooo much

Sugar Britches says:

Beautiful ! I love it

Yvette Chanta says:

good job maam. love it

Let's Talk Nikki says:

My cuzin is so dope!!! ❤️ great job Vita!! Looks like a whole new kitchen!

KayH says:

New Subbie and I think your Kitchen looks great!!

Question: How durable is that tacky paper? I know it can take water but do you think this would be a problem if maybe the sink flooded or something? Just trying to come up with ideas for my own kitchen! I think this is beautiful and so easy so I hope I can try buying some tacky paper designs to redo my own kitchen!

xoxoxo Kay

My Journey Vlogs says:

Beautiful!! new subbie #RWOYT

IeshaChataun says:


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