SUSHI SERVING SET : Classic WWMM woodworking kitchen project

SUSHI SERVING SET : Classic WWMM woodworking kitchen project

I hope you enjoy this throwback video of my maple and padauk sushi serving set. I’ve re-edited this for 2018 with faster pacing and with no sponsored spots. Free plans and cutting templates:

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“Princess Meow-Meow’s Theme” and all the cool music on WWMM is created by Per Almered. —-AWESOME!


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Vicente Capito says:

Your jokes are hilarious, but I love this new style or I am too overwhelmed right now

DenisChenard says:

wow, I feel like I just did some meditation. That was so relaxing 🙂

Miguel Cisneros says:

Love your channel. One question, is it fine to lacquer something that will get food on it?

LeviathanX says:

This was so…. eh.. UN-Ramsey… (Though, the result was nice)

Michael Poe says:

Nice project. Talk to me……….. Just kidding, I liked it

Woodden says:

Very nice, when do we eat?

hgtydjdjdgh67889 says:

I think this is the most elegant thing you've built on YouTube

Jason Rodocker says:

what did you use for spray finish?

Shawn Brown says:

Nice, Steve, very nice attention to craftsmanship and detail.

Marko make stuff says:

i really like that video style!no talk just focusing on the project!great Steve!

BumbleBeeTF says:

Diresta Style. Nice video Steve. Looks great

Scott Anderson says:

Weird not hearing you talk…

James Frazee says:

Please talk on all of your videos…it is like I am watching a regular guy on YT without your great voice.

I Build It says:

Classic silent treatment 🙂
I don't like sushi, but I love this project!

BeeRich33 says:

Paint it purple

MrMouse says:

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I appreciate all your hard work and videos!

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