$300,000 Landscaping Job In 26 Days (Luxury Landscape Construction)

$300,000 Landscaping Job In 26 Days (Luxury Landscape Construction)

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Applewood was hired to install a outdoor living environment.
From start to finish it took 26 working days.

what was included: Demolition, Excavation, Soil Removal, Concrete, Retaining Walls, Paving, Pavers, Pergola, Stairs, Plumbing, Irrigation, Gas Lines, Fire Bowl, Outdoor Kitchen, BBQ, Keg, Grill, Water Fountain, Outdoor speakers, Outdoor Camera, Fencing

Song By : Jeff Kaale



Sampson Empire says:

All thx to you and 10X am gonna start my landscaping company today . getting ready to join Goat Gang !!! your school is the best eye opener

ivan ibarra says:

Is that 300,000 profit or 300,000 contract ? What’s your overhead percentage ?

Landscape Marketing says:

Wow! This is great 😍😍

I'm Your Huckleberry says:

Looks nice now but all that exposed wood even with a coat of sealer is going to get all rot and twisted in 6 months. Shouldve gone with a covered roof and stone pillars.

Autumn Rose says:

@Tigran Gertz how do feel about a woman learning your skills?

William Macomber says:

Where do you find out and learn these regulations ?

The best Chips says:

I got a question I have a sand dune behind my house so our lawn has 90% sand if not all sand but I live in upstate ny I need to know a grass seed that flourishes in sand but can survive the winter

bubu mic says:

Not liking it … one little bit !

Concerned Customer says:

You can buy another home for 300,00.00

David R says:

What happens when it rains over the kitchen area that going to be a nightmare to keep clean with a open roof.

Mochoman169 says:

Would be nice but the damn outdoor kitchen is crooked

Mister Gaw says:

I've been doing construction type work since I was 8 years old… I can look at finished work and techniques an gage skills… People need to quit hating on this man. Cuz he really really knows what hes doing. Kudos on some great looking work and a quality made video.

TLC Landscaping says:

How come you don't answer real questions ? Just your fan boy wanna be…

Alex Rezac says:

You can tell he likes this song

Max B says:

I was waiting for you to put the ice you touched back into the ice maker… hahaha

Mike Bell says:

I currently own a lawn fertilization business and am strongly considering branching out into this industry you're in because of these awesome vids. BUT how do i get started? the thought of taking on a big job scares the life out of me. what would be an entry level job or jobs i could get my feet wet with and learn this landscaping more before just selling a huge job and being completely lost and look like a fool?

Jvicente 831 says:

this video makes me feel successful

timmy sticks says:

Nice back yard but $300k?? really? What part of the world you living in?

Alex Garcia says:

Bien trabajo mis pasias

Ismalia stabile Rosa da silva says:

Que maravilha!!! Ficou um sonho.

Together As ONE says:

That's awesome! Love your content bro bro.

Billy Salisbury says:

Dirt donkey looks like he’s coping your videos doing something like what you’ve already put on YouTube !

Jeff Thole says:

He has all fucking Mexicans fuck Mexicans

Broken Empath says:

This looks like Temecula CA? Very nice work!

Li U MAAA says:

put some meat on grill boy, that job woth not much as 40k

Lbolting005 says:

lol, that’s it? $300K in 26 days? lol, that’s nothing! I’ve spent $8.7 trillion, yes, that’s trillion with a “T” in 4 days in my garden. Step yo game up fool and get on my level!!!! Losers!!!!!!!!

The Silent G says:

What’s the demographic of the workers you hire?

Felix Pablo Ramirez says:

Wuoh, very nice!

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