DIY Clean ‘n Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 2 of 2

DIY Clean ‘n Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 2 of 2

Check out the clean ‘n simple makeover we did to the landscaping around our barn house. We got rid of all the old, over grown bushes, grass, & lava rock and replaced it with 1″ clean rock gravel and some simple, low maintenance, modern plants.

This is Part 2 where I show you how I cut, bent, and installed the aluminum landscape edging, how I installed the weed blocking, landscape fabric, how I poured and leveled out the 1″ clean rock gravel, how I built the simple wood, gravel, & concrete step, and how I evenly spaced out and installed the 16″ square concrete patio pavers to make our new sidewalk.

Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 1:

Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 2:

Clean & Simple Gravel Landscaping – Part 3 (Update!):

Our New Concrete Driveway Installation:

DIY Low Ground Level Wood Deck Build:

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kim johnston says:

Kevin you do such great work and your new yard is beautiful i love your videos … very informative…. we all should start a drinking game for every time you say I'ma . After one video we all would be drunk! just kidding . Can't wait until you do more furniture oh and I like the bird sculpture!

Carol Clouser says:

where did you get that aluminum edge at?

Jose Canela says:

great job brother.

Tai Godfrey says:

wow. how much does it cost for all the gravels you ordered?

S Bhari says:

Can u recommend where to buy those gravel for cheap?

Em Gee says:

Great job…… How much did this cost ?
Thank You

tepicelena cordova says:

Nice job!!!..You worked very hard, I like when people is not afraid of hard work. Blessings to you and your family.

The Ultimate House Wash, LLC says:

You do very nice work. Looks great. – I'm wanting to do something very similar with the aluminum edging. Does the edging retain water, or is there some way to add edging that allows for water to not pool up around the foundation? I realize you used a fabric that allows for permeability, but for my specific purposes, I am wanting to use a plastic that is non permeable. My needs are more for water runoff than for aesthetics.

Ambrosia Malbrough says:

It turned out so good!

MJ says:

i like your house it's cute and I like the color. Your project looks so neat and clean. this video gave me an idea for our front yard. Thanks!

Fletch Lives Daily says:

Great job on the project.  I just bought a flipper Mid Century home, and need to redo the entire entry area.  Getting some ideas.

cstjohn17 says:

Hi Kevin and DIY, nice work. I am taking on a similar project but our area has more weed growth than I see in this video. Would you recommend putting sand over the landscaping tarp? also how has weed growth been in the gravel areas? Thank you.

TaKeylia Ryan says:

You did an amazing job!!!

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