How To Build A DIY Backyard Pond and Waterfalls! Start to Finish!

How To Build A DIY Backyard Pond and Waterfalls! Start to Finish!

Do you love backyard ponds and waterfalls as much as we do? Are you too an outdoor living enthusiast? Always wanted your own magical, outdoor wildlife ecosystem that you could escape away to at any time, and enjoy the sounds of nature? Have you ever dreamed of having your very own water garden, koi pond, or how about your own waterfalls right in the privacy of your very own backyard? Well, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! And there’s tons of us diy homeowners, who are looking to accomplish those same dreams, on a budget! And come to find out friends, these pond projects, built properly, ain’t too friendly on your budget either!

Come along with Tanner Flowers as he takes throughout the journey of building a backyard pond and waterfalls, from start to finish! Witness the backbreaking labor it took to complete this water feature project! No excavator was used on this project! Everything you see had to all be moved by myself, Matt Freytag, and Patrick Bolt!

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One Thousand Percent says:

broo wtfff, outstanding work! this build is awesome and i say outstanding work because you did it all by hand no machines! just pure craftsmanship, work hard! play hard!

Daniel Armer says:

Very awesome video. Truly great waterfall. Design, and flow of fall is natural top to bottom. Really inspirational. Ya"ll are rock water fall artists. Hand done=bull work proud.

Kevin Comstock says:

He just farted….😁🤣

amommyof2 says:

What size pump and is it 220 and how much electricity a month?

Kopelsonify says:

Beautiful work. I would love to see it now with the plants growing in. Please give us an update.

Mandy Elliott says:

hi im new to the channel im buliding a pond in ohio i know how hard it is to dig thru roots and rocks and i wish i would have had this to dig with thanks for sharing

Cemal Ozcan says:

Iyi güzel de
Çok konuşuyorsun be ya 😊

Tom Munds says:

LOL! I thought about my comment and realized I didn't give you the accolades I should have. This video was a refreshing break from my job the realm of political activism and was truly an epic undertaking. Words cannot express how unbelievable this turned out and if you were in Idaho, I'd buy you a beer just for allowing me to be a part of that undertaking! Wish we were friends, after seeing your vid my wife wants one of those now! God help me! LOL.

Tom Munds says:

Nice Tilley brother! Great work too!

MrPoundfopound says:

Waterfall is flawless! Only concern is that it looks like the deck extension is already dropping in the middle

Richard Habicher says:

Up with the very best I have seen so many now and am working on mine in Australia. Not much that You say about the line of pipes or ponds and the length of it all. You seem to have full control of every other parts. Like it all! Richard

Ann says:

Trying to learn how to , not be fed your macho braggin

Marie Lynn says:

Omg! Y'all are in Chattanooga! From Cleveland! I'm like 30 min from both places! Sweet! I fricken LOVE your enthusiasm! And you guys did an AMAZING job!

Bruce McNally says:

Taking out that much soil will leave enormous forward pressure from that hill hill and those trees. I would have sunk a rebar and concrete retaining wall before stacking boulders.Great waterfall.

Dian Rahmad says:

Memakai pompa apa?

El Guapa says:

Is there an update on this pond?

Diann Whitaker says:

Invest in a wheelbarrow so you don't have to carry the heavy rocks.

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