How to Build a Terraced Garden Bed on a Slope

How to Build a Terraced Garden Bed on a Slope

Terracing a slope can help with drainage problems, but it can also add functional gardening space. We’ll show you how to install a series of garden beds out of 6×6 pressure-treated lumber.

Install a block retaining wall:

6x6x8 pressure-treated lumber –
12″ timber screws –
Paver base –
1/2″ x 24″ rebar –
4″ drainage pipe –
Landscape fabric –
Garden soil –
78″ long level –

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Leathelandlady says:

How'd he stay so clean?

sanders journet says:


SuperBylzo says:

Is the paver base really necessary??

Journey Ortize says:

I feel like everything was cheaply done with this except the wood . But over spent on the wood and got the wrong one 😂.

tyrone elliott says:

I would refrain from using pressure treated wood if your making a vegetable garden

Klinkg Klong says:

This is the perfect solution I am looking for. My old flower bed was exactly like this. It is sold that i tore it down. Now i need build it again.

Заборы СтройМонтаж says:

Интересная идея, классно получилось #щаборподключ

rolback says:

Oops drilled into the gas line. Why does the whole neighborhood smell like natural gas?

Kentucky Motorsports says:

Any videos to make raised beds

small footprint says:

That's a great plan. The only thing I wonder about is gophers, and the like, that will come up from under ground and eat the plants roots. I guess that would require digging out some soil, and laying down some hardware cloth.

White Farms says:

His shovel still has the sticker on it #fakenews

yeldawashere says:

nice video, yet i would prefer to see the real guys who did the job. the guy is like "oh i didn't see you there! i was just building my garden frames in my perfectly clean clothes!" sorry but this was a job for at least two sweat-ridden guys, who actually builds stuff!

Susi S says:

I used the same idea on a slope in my backyard.. for my Vegetable garden…

Graph Guy says:

These are great for yards with sloped back yards

Jaben Carter says:

I just read the title of this video out loud and my thought I said “Terrorist Garden Beds” 😀

Christine Everson says:

Using pressure-treated wood, you will not be able to grow vegetables and fruit in it as the pressure treated wood is caustic and would leach into your food supply source. Just something to consider.

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