How to make $2000 Even on a Landscape Design (gone wrong)

How to make $2000 Even on a Landscape Design  (gone wrong)

This simple Grading project went all wrong. We cover Projected profits Vs Actual profits after this mistake. Also how to respond when something goes wrong. Keep your employees Happy, Engaged and Responsive. Not all Landscape Designs go the way you want- learn how to respond when they miss their mark.

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Dirt Monkey:



Pete Lorenzo says:

you've piled dirt against the wall. you'll get brick worms that way. those suckers love to eat stonework

Erin Morris says:

You should cover those bricks w mud either, I bet those bricks are in bad shape these days

Shane Weiss says:

That seems like way to much! $40 in dirt 20 in weed blocker fab. Maybe 500 in labor.

The Top Team Lawn Care says:

lesson learned! thanks monkey!

Hypercube9 says:

They make a downspout extension that unrolls when water flows through it, then rolls itself back up when the rain stops. I'd have recommended that to the client so the majority of the water would be carried to the other side of the walkway. EZ fix.

Hashim Khan says:

You're a great guy, Stanley. You're consistently more than fair and understanding, even (sometimes especially) when it's completely on the other person. That's pretty admirable, man.

Gez501 says:

Just amateur "cowboys". He's talking BS.

steezjenkins says:

I liked how you blamed it on the "guys" right out of the gate. I thing "YOU" should have been a bit more involved with what is going on. Fuckin blame it on the guys. It's there fault? How much are you paying them an hour for their knowledge?

J DeWitt says:

Can you make a video on the process you go through to quote jobs?

M McDonald says:

So, what your saying is landscaping is a huge scam and you should learn to do it yourself.

Benjamin Karanja says:

Been watching your videos for about a week now , new home owner trying to get ideas and the right way to improve my landscaping and by far the best video I have come across the way you handled that was excellent ,wish we could all have bosses like you teaching them through there mistakes… make me wanna come work for you … keep up the good work and your business will grow leaps and bounds if it hasn't already πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

Salo Lopez says:

Thank you Stanley, I enjoy and always learn great things from your great videos!

Lil Stack'n says:

Your paying a worker for the hourly work, not for "jobs". Let's be real here… workers make pennies. It's extremely physical labour, extremely. Nobody has a passion to dig and run wheelbarrows.
You are completely right for paying them for their mistake. Good work is hard to find so that's what should effect hourly wage. It's up to a worker to learn and known their "value" per hour and request it, when they are confident enough that their work reflects it. It's not up to the workers to do any more than work as to the best of their ability with the direction they have been given. If they weren't going to make mistakes they wouldn't be doing one of the most physical jobs for not much more than pretty much anyone with 5 years experience in anything.

Great vids! You have the best attitude for this generation of bosses. How you treat your employees effects the quality of life. Quality of life is what motivates us all.

7 d.profit says:

Great video. your advice can be translated for life bro. awesome

Rob Umbenhour says:

Lee Brothers property maint. est. 2009 I love your channel you are a huge inspiration.

Rob Umbenhour says:

no all due respect, cut the walk diagonally on the curve right 4" from the existing stress cut and install a sidewalk drain, it handles the downspout water and any build up. also scatter those rocks on that tarp better and simply wash them with a garden hose, job done rocks rescued lol.

Mr. Kempa says:

Great program. Keep up The good work. Regards Kenny from Sweden

rosalio484 says:

I would have just had a catch basin

Konstantine Karayianis says:

And, above all else, you have a very satisfied client who will call you back for other future jobs, as well as telling her neighbors, friend and family what an outstanding job was done.

Keepit Real says:

wish i had a older brother like you..i coulda been somebody in life

Threelions Mesta says:

Bullshit all it needed was damp proofing and it doesn't help having no drainage for the drain pipe. YOU SHOULD NEVER BURY BRICK WITH SOIL

RMS Plays says:

Looks to me like the contractor should have had all gutters piped away from the house. To do it right I would have cut out the concrete and put in a new drain pipe away from the house.

Michael Davis says:

KEEP ON POSTING VIDS STANLEY. Haters are going to hate, it is what they do. I for one learned something and appreciate your transparency and willingness to help others in this trade as well as how to handle working with people respectfully. Thanks!

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