Landscaping Project!

Landscaping Project!

FINALLY!! The landscape project is finished!!
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Jennifer V.
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Thank you for watching! I felt like Gladys Kravitz filming out the windows… who remembers Gladys Kravitz? 🙂



Karen Lagedrost says:

It will look great! Hope you have had rain. It's so hard to keep new plants healthy in the summer heat.

Lady B says:

It looks beautiful Jennifer. I know you are happy that is finally done….enjoy your new lawn and tfs.

Carlotta Evora says:

Random ..but I love the music choice 😄. And I was told that landscape work done in overcast or rainy weather actually is beneficial to the plants 👍🙏🏼 good luck and it looks like it's going to be really beautiful

Lyddy C says:

Love to see a view from an upstairs window to really see how it looks,I know you are thrilled to get it behind you and enjoy!You have a beautiful home!

Andri says:

Amassing garden … Xx

Sierra Elizabeth says:

Looks so great!!! 😊

nzhels says:

… Let there be LIGHT!!!!

linda chapman says:

Gosh that took a long time, what a fab garden space you have front and back, one thing i am curious about, i allways thought hosta's only grew and liked shade? but there in full sun,? thanks for sharing your garden transformation, xxx

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