My Garden Landscaping Project with Stone

My Garden Landscaping Project with Stone

This video shows you pictures from the beginning of landscaping my front garden to the current moment when the stone walkway is built and I’m now working on the walls.



Jess Temple says:

I wish I could take a picture of our overgrown area that previous owners left. Ivy, ferns and hard soil

mygalmo says:

Fantastic job! I love your ambition and landscaping creativity! I recently tried to build a small rock wall around a few shade perennials, but didn't do to well. I didn't have very many flat rocks (nor tools) to work with and it was my first time. I'm no giving up though! As, I am sure practice makes perfect. Again, very lovely, and job well done!

Sylvia Vega-Ortiz says:

WOW just WOW! I bet you are good with puzzles too!😉

Pople BackyardFarm says:

looks like you are getting a lot done around there 🙂

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