$5 DIY Awesome Scrap Metal Custom Motorcycle Exhaust Build

$5 DIY Awesome Scrap Metal Custom Motorcycle Exhaust Build

$5 DIY Awesome Scrap Metal Custom Motorcycle Exhaust Build
Motorcycle Exhaust Custom Exhaust for Motorcycle
Scrap Metal To Custom Motorcycle Exhaust.
Went to the dump in my town and got all of the scrap metal I need. Found some wire fence to hold in the insulation. Motorcycle sounds awesome.

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Old Exhaust Direct Link eBay: https://goo.gl/k4zvCe
Compatible Ninja 300 Exhaust Search eBay: https://goo.gl/mGA8qQ
Inexpensive Welder Amazon: https://goo.gl/wut5Vr
High Temp Engine Paint Amazon: https://goo.gl/m6BmEG
Yeti Mic (record exhaust sound) Amazon: https://goo.gl/KRXSTC

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wattsmichaele says:

One of the best videos I’ve seen. I belly laughed as soon as you started it with the homemade insulation. Been there!
If you get bored and want to hear a strange tone, get the insulation wet then go ride. It won’t last but you will find the new sound to be very interesting.
Keep up the good work young man!

Brink says:

That particularized insulation in the air couldn't have been good for your health.

Soheil Golchin says:

7:35 is the best bro.we who build our things are the luckiest guys in the world

Instagram: 4stroke_boy says:

Sounds like one of my yamaha wr 125 x, so it isnt nice bro

Wayne Hall says:

Feel any power gain or power loss

Wayne Hall says:

I used a swing set to do dual exhaust on my Chevrolet truck

drew autry says:

That’s 2 inch pipe

Jay N says:

Lol cool project but fuck man, maybe a bit more practice with that stinger….

nibblesful says:

"and i'll make some nice welds" im sorry i like the channel but….just no

leonardo mar says:

Looks like a shit

purecanadianmedic says:

Pwns! Where you at in Berta? Let's go for a ride!

Daniel Bluck says:

My weed eater sounds better.

Red Shift Rider says:

Good to see you! Hope the wife and kid are well.

Very nice vid, thank you! Your creativity on the bike and in the editing room are on point.

How much does the exhaust weigh, btw? And yes, would love a follow up after some time on the road.

MyassesDragon says:

You people?
Who you calling "you people"?

Axel says:

NOTE: always disconect batterys and the cdi when welding on a vehicle or bike

moto van veen says:

cheap and effective, just the way I like it .BUILT NOT BOUGHT

Zac Duncan says:

Your welds have potential to be good but as of now🤢 keep practicing!!!

TMV says:

Nice, very nice! I have been planning something very similar for a long time now and I'm glad to see it work out for you. I think it turned out very well, looks and sounds good. I'm sure there will be haters that don't know any more than what the big brands have told them they need to put on their bikes. Please do an update video down the road and tell us how it's working out.

Fatlum Peci says:

It sounds like an angry lawnmower 😂😂

drkstr7 says:

we have the same bike man, good work but sounds too tingy, im halfway through the video though so lets see what happens

SteelCity Hammer says:

Why don't u have many vids of you riding


Where is the free stickers at ? I need one for my 2013 ninja 300

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