7 Budget Gadgets for your Motorcycle

7 Budget Gadgets for your Motorcycle

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Buying a motorcycle is just the first expense you will face when getting one. There’s insurance, petrol, maintenance… and accessories.

But luckily there are some cool gadgets you don’t need to spend a fortune on.

We can start with safety: get a pair of gloves. But if you are commuting chances are you will need to check your phone every now and then. Just get gloves that are specifically designed for touch screens.

Ideally however, you would rather not take your phone out of your pocket, at all. For that, you can either get a smart watch for notifications, simple actions and, yes, checking the time…

Or, our favourite option, you can integrate headphone drivers into your helmet: either buy cheap ones or re-purpose an old headset. Then use a tiny bluetooth receiver and you will be able to answer calls, get G.P.S. directions and even listen to music. The best part is you won’t be ruining your helmet with a sticky —and ugly, intercom.

Action cameras can be ugly and obtrusive too, but with a little D.I.Y. you can modify this one so that only the lens is visible. Then go moto-vlogging in a stealthier way.

Getting seen is an essential safety measure. You can use reflective tape to make sure cars see you when riding at night. It might even look cool on some bikes.

What does look cool and solves the problem of storage in most classic motorcycles are saddle bags. Generic ones are not that expensive and can be fitted easily to most seats.

Finally, if the safety of your bike worries you as much as yours, you don’t need to pay premium for a tracking service. Just get a GPS tracker, install a SIM card with the cheapest data service you can find and hide it somewhere in your bike. Won’t tell you where this one is. Sign up for an online service and you will get warnings when the vehicle moves and can even track your rides. Oh, you could also install a kill switch to take care of your battery when you don’t need the service.

Do you find some of these useful? At the end of the day, feeling comfortable and free when riding is what counts. But yes, we do love gadgets.



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