Diy : Helmet Light Mod | Tron helmet under $2 | Sahil VLogs

Diy : Helmet Light Mod | Tron helmet under $2 | Sahil VLogs

Hi guyz this video is of the light mod that I made using an el wire. This is a very cheap setup which looks fantastic & you can also do the same. This not only looks good but also keeps you safe at night time because you are visible to others from a long dist as well.

So enjoy the video in 60fps

Link to the product :

If you wish to buy in India best buy :

(If you guys get some other best buy let me know ☺)

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Good job Bro!

Vatsal Verma says:

where did u fixed the remote can u tell me please….?

RedGai says:

Hot glue will eventually peel. If you want a permanent setup, LightMode originally used BSI Maxi-Cure. It's a cyanoacrylate that pretty much reacts with the plastic and urethane coating on the helmet making it a permanent bond

aman bhatnagar says:

hey sahil cool helmet.. can you tell me the wire length..

Mohit Rex says:

bhai ye jo apne ebay wali link dali hai wo mai order krunga to mai apne helmet ko apke jaisa light kr sakta hu plz bata do bhai request hai apse! and ebay wali light mai remote nai diya hai pic mai light control krna ka???

Karthik Iyer says:

Awesome Bro!! Videos Getting Better Day by Day..Keep GoingπŸ‘
Btw..Music Pan changla hota..Name?

Thanekar Mehul says:

that's a really sexy helmet 😘

Raut Tushar says:

aliexpress se ane ke liye kitne din lagte hai maine order kiya hai 1month ho gaya abhi tak nahi mila

RoNN PaTiL says:

Lovely thing bro

Sahil Mullaji says:

beautiful ✌😘 nice work bro

The Scooter Life India says:

Lovely Video πŸ˜‰ loved the way its shot… very professional..

yash rajapurkar says:

dude make a video on people's reactions on the helmet that will be fun!
btw your videos are getting better and better day by day keep up the good work!

TeamGearless says:

One of the coolest things ever seen.

sadashiv lad says:

awsm job broπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Rev It Up says:

looks dope 😍😍

moto AJ says:

nice video and its helpfull for others to get it πŸ‘Œ

Sanket Kolhe says:

Awesome !!!


awesome video bro

Xplore with Aadish says:

Your videos are getting better & better..keep it up✌
And pls provide a link for that product

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