Harley Street Bob Easy DIY Mods – MotoVlog 26

Harley Street Bob Easy DIY Mods – MotoVlog 26

Wuuh!? Another Motovlog?! Within a week from the last one?! Is this real?!

Anyway! Thank you all again for watching. Be sure to give the video a thumbs up. Salute and Safe riding out there! New edits in the works.

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Psalms 31:24



Necroskull says:

Hell yeah Film every thing.

Dario C. Cruz says:

To answer your question: yes mods are cool to see, but unless it's complicated (changing the cams, switching to a chain drive, building a wheel, etc.), it's best to keep the vid short. Just my opinion.
Have a good time in the Big Apple. Spring is the best time to visit.

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