Stunter Bike Mods part 1

Stunter Bike Mods part 1
2008 XDL Champion Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil show us the difference in mods they throw at their practice bikes and their performance bikes.



Keithen Taylor says:

can you do a video what's the top speed with 60-14 teeth

Mohammed Alli says:

hey nick im form south n i love bikes, love the vids dude

Havq says:

Never seen your shop.

Adam Aanderud says:

Never realized how much went in to converting to a full on stunt bike. Awesome vid.

abdul ilah dossari says:

i need stunt parts for gsr750 2011 

taizer says:

in the back you can see a typical craftsman product with a blown compressor pump lol

Tony Dale says:

I need stunt parts for 07 zzr600 anyone know where to find ..

qayyvm Atok says:

where can i get the cage for k7 GSX 600?

vinhii syn says:

I want to build a stunt bike but there isnt anywhere that sells stunt parts in australia,.. do u guys know anywhere that would ship cages and stunt parts to australia from the states?

bigjimmy2225 says:

tyger shark is closed down

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