Top Most 4 Motorcycle Life Hacks – You Should Know About Motorcycle

Top Most 4 Motorcycle Life Hacks – You Should Know About Motorcycle

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mukans says:

Where is the thumbnail bit, and i highly doubt that i could start my 650cc klr by spinnig its wheel with my hand))) the rest was so so

Priyabrata Pradhan says:

You're amazing mind-blowing 👌

Vivek Singh says:

You need to go to school

Game Next says:

In the image you a blade what is meaning of blade

Sunny Sharma says:

Bhai tik nh cick

Govind Chandeliya says:

What science behind washing bike with colgate eno and shampoo or it's just kuch bhee

FourVidsAsh says:

isse koi English sikhaao

Ankush Nirapure says:

Before making videos First go nd improve your spells… 😂😂😂🤣🤣

KiwiBadger says:

A+ for effort, but a lot of bikes don't have center stands or kick starters. Turning it over by hand will only work on little scooters as shown here. I personally use a bucket, sponge and a garden hose to wash my bike. BTW, you have a fork seal leak and jamming plastic into the seal is going to make your problem worse.

HimanshU MisHra says:

Jo thumbnail me hai vo hack kha hai brother

Arjun Yadav says:

awesome bike

5XL Guru Ken says:

Self hota hai salf nahi aur Kick hota hai yeh tik kya hai bhai.aap b kamaa karte ho

wins2014 says:

What is Eno, what kind of product?


Tik nahi kick hota hai bhai

phanna kem says:

what is Eno?

Marwadi Vines says:

awesome video

Time lapser says:

1no. bhaiya

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