DIY: Building Brick Patio Stairs

DIY: Building Brick Patio Stairs

I used a Menards DIY form for building brick stairs for a back patio(shown) but decided to expand the width.

I used 3.5 bags of pea gravel.



rick Herrera says:

It would look better if it was in the center of slide door

tubularguynine says:

DUDE! Lay them ALL out and THEN tamp…SHEESH!!

Google User says:

I feel stupid for having watched a piece of this video. Dude hire somebody next time, cause you clearly don’t know what you’re doing!

Eric Morse says:

Shoulda used mortor bro

Sue In Raleigh says:

Why would he pull up grass but leave that weed 6 inches to the right of the steps still running up the house?

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