DIY Herringbone Pattern Paver Patio Renovation | Home Improvement

DIY Herringbone Pattern Paver Patio Renovation | Home Improvement

Today on Modern Builds I’m updating an out of date patio made of mud-colored paver bricks and into a modern retreat with a black fence, cool garden beds, and grey pavers laid down in a herringbone pattern. This Makeover / Renovation was a ton of fun and a huge learning experience, thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring this video. To read my step-by-step blog article follow the link below.

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-Mike Montgomery



Katy Gomez says:

It’s nice but doesn’t match the house 😬

Paul Turberg says:

This is like the only DIY video that I have watched where everything is done right and they don’t try and find ways to save money by cutting corners. I do think from what he has said he probably doesn’t do a lot of fencing.

Edward Wong says:

whats the estimated cost for all the material?

Mintyy says:

I don't even have a Patio, why am i watching this

Maria Baltazar says:

Mike Montgomery where does this sound familiar from Pretty little liars

Duy Nguyen says:

Thank you for sharing the great video. Can I get to know how many bags of base paver base that you use for entire project? Also, how big is your patio is? I plan to make a same thing for my front yard, but don't know how to estimate the materials

Jeanette Bailey says:

I'm proud of you! Looks great

ariel majano says:

Bruhhh can you buy Milwaukee tools please

senorbacjan2 says:

Don’t DIY hire a Profesional instead

KILO993 says:

Looks awesome! Great job dude 🙂

Kent says:

That's gonna be a huge pool of water when it rains 😀

Sean Hazelwood says:

If you need level longer than 4ft, use a water level. Clip on line levels arent even close to accurate.

Everlygrace meza says:

"The ruts"😂💛

Ray G says:

When screeding, how do you know your pipes are still at the correct slope since you got rid of the strings. It looks like it being done free hand

Freedom Feather Farms says:

The dude is wearing my sister's jeans. WTF?

Maher Gritli says:

Great job 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

D9D9 says:

U had to use wacker plate over the sand layer… And actually on top of bricks too after sanding holes between em…

Ross Minty says:

Great job, beautiful finnish, and your prep work was spot on, well done.

Alexander Wieser says:

You really should never cut roots off a tree, it can hurt the tree and potentially kill it.

Eddy Rojas says:

I just watched this whole video and I live in an apartment lmao

Irvin Gomez says:

I don’t know what a rut is but I do know what a root is.

Xxedgar says:

I thought it was a realism mod for minecraft

Sniokoo says:

so beautiful

Jaidyn Wolf says:

just another bloody "DIY handyman" putting a shit stain on the building industry

Sabrina Flipse says:

What was the song at the end?

MH says:

Can I marry you? Seriously. That was a great DIY vid!

Jonathan Cook says:

Not rut!
" I am Groot!"
Not "I am Grut."
WTH man. Lolz

Tim Auer says:

What happend to the off cuts? I think you could have used them for the other side. Still great work though!

albert danny cajma nuñez says:

Excelente trabajo!!

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