DIY Laying a Concrete Slab

DIY Laying a Concrete Slab

In this video Andrew Donkin shows you how to lay a concrete slab. What you will need:
Wood slats
Spray paint
Crushed stone
Ready mix cement
Rebar and binding wires
Spirit level
Wooden float

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Honest Lee Handyman says:

Great video thanks

Gravity says:

clear/simple – thanks

DIY says:

I noticed you didn't use a edger to round the edges, is it something we need to worry about?

MachadoSwag says:

funny just a random slab hangin out on the yard

TheNewenglandboys says:

I just built a 3' L x 3' W x 3 1/2" thick square slab framed with 2 x 4 for the base of a fire pit I will build on it. I used my lawn edger to cut the turf and set the frame 1" above the ground surface. I set the frame right in the ground and used no crushed rock or rebar. If at some point in time I no longer want it there, I can drill a few holes and break it up with a sledge. The rebar and crushed rock base is overkill in my opinion for that size slab. Especially for a fire pit like mine. I put the date on it using a large socket for my "0" and smaller socket for my "8" & "9" and an appropiate size nail for my "1" and body of the straight part of the "9" by simply pressing them into the cement to make the imprint. And removed them of course lol. Oh, and it took four 80lb bags of concrete.

Al Barkley says:

was watching for some cute AF baby pigs. I'm a little disappointed. No pigs? Was he saying pegs?

Cory & Jenn says:

Very helpful thank you

Essam Ragaee says:

Those people are sick with dangerous disease called concreate
They hate green color & hate plants and they replace plant with comcreate slab everywhere

Land Of Loaf says:

Nope, no, NADA….that is not correct way to pour a slab.

sixmagpies says:

Why no plastic under the whole affair?

Mahmoud Khalid bin zayed says:

Perfect  Thanks a lot

M Vesely says:

Best video I’ve watched for my purpose. Avoided some pitfalls and my little slab came out just great. Many thanks to you.

DarkestKnight says:

Simple; brief! Thank you!

Gary Duncan says:

What a nice job on this video. I'm a former technical writer and appreciate well-structured and concise instructions. Your summary of what you were going to do, why, and the tools needed was extremely helpful and made the instruction part of the video that much more quick and easy to follow. Thank you!

Dave Davis says:

God damn metric

John van Gurp says:

Really great DIY instructional. I love the clear narration and excellent video work. This is going to help me lay a small slab in my yard, although I'm going to do some exposed aggregate as a finish. I'm planning to use bags of ready-mix and will buy a plastic mixing tray for the purpose. Thanks again: I have subscribed and am going to view your other videos.

Ali Syed says:

best video on this diy hands down

Ken Heart says:

Thanks for an informative video, not exactly sure why you need drainage under a concrete slab (which is waterproof) – seems to me it would just encourage water to flow under the slab? Also a useful tip, brush the inside of the wooden form with motor oil before pouring the slab to allow for easy removal and no tear-out at the edges.

Kim Adams-Nora says:

Hi I live in AZ so basically our dirt is pretty much almost like clay. I know my house sits on a slab. I was told it has a tension bars or something to keeps it in place when the ground expands in the rain and shrinks when it dries… so I want to do the same for the slab I will be putting my pool filter on…I hope you or anyone can help me…

Opinion Giver says:

cack example..

TheJohnChocolate says:

Did you use the wooden float?

Abdullah almadani says:

I want to put ceramic on it immediatly after i pour the concrete can i ?

Saaid R says:

thanks, gonna build a concrete slab for my kids to rollerskate on

Abdullah almadani says:

By what do i mix the concrete with

Xro says:

Thanks. Start to finish what I want or need to know in 5 minutes.
Saw many videos all talk & never pour.
Your Video explains & demonstrates. Kind of like doing it myself. I can re-watch a few time and develop Muscle Memory just from the watching.
You Sir are a Teacher. I'm not an Idiot but Concrete is not my expertise. I'm a Computer Guy with ability to follow a lead.
Good Leading.

Meysa James says:

Are you South African?

timothy luff says:

Hi there is it possible for you to explain what thickness do you need if your concrete slab is going to be load bearing perhaps? eg 500kg = ??? thickness

utube882 says:

What ratio do you use ballast and cement

RM Hutchins says:

I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!

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