DIY Massive Concrete Cobblestone Patio

DIY Massive Concrete Cobblestone Patio

I built this massive concrete cobblestone patio through out the course of three seasons using a concrete walkway maker.

You can build the same exact one and it is VERY doable! This is the form that I used (You will definitely need two if you want to move at a faster pace – otherwise with 1, it will take much longer)
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spudnikc says:

I loved this vid so much I had to play it at 1/4 speed to really examine your work. Thanks so much.

Refugio Dueñas says:

What did you use to grout it cause im having a hard time finding the right one?

thegoldenboy294 says:

do you just add concrete and water? anything else?

Luftwaffe says:

7:08 WTF what is this?

Luke Dixon says:

Beautiful. What do you fill your joints with

Chomp Roth says:

holy shit man, that's amazing, earned a sub on this one. I've been wondering what to do about parts that don't match up, had an idea similar to yours but seeing yours in play sealed the deal, and good call on the dust, gonna keep that in mind. first project is going to be a 3 foot wide path to a bridge, but next year on the other side I'll have a nice patio space that wraps around the tumble stone fire pit I made this year, been looking for ideas to round out my thoughts and this fucking nailed it. and the concrete dicks were funny too lol. great stuff man!

Navin says:

Hey man, awesome work! I'm new to this but want to try it, is leveled top soil enough to help the cobblestone patio hold up for years? Also what grade slope did u implement from the house to the other end of the patio to facilitate rain water, etc drainage?

Haneson says:

NIce job, I just would like to ask you – you used that mold straight on that dirt as it should be used – am I right? And what do you use those cast on wood for? Thank you.

Tom Pug says:

Check out this OTHER awesome work that I do with STAR WARS miniatures!

Tom Pug says:

Check out this other DIY project I did

Finlay Beaton says:

You are a king.  I have the same form and I am thinking the same about doing the exact same project under my deck.  I plan to use this area for putting in a hot tub, or a shady area, etc since it is protected some from the elements / sun.  It is about 30 feet by 14 feet and I was wondering about 2 things.  1st how many bags of quickrete would I need so I can budget the cost.  2nd how stable / durable is this?  Will it settle with the hot tub?  Thanks

Judy Mitchell says:

I'm looking forward to tackling this in my back yard next summer. I'm wondering about using a concrete stamp after you take the mold off — to give the surface more of a rock look than just a flat top. I'd like your advice. Thanks for the video!

Genesislights says:

How is this holding up. I plan to do the same. People didn't use the base and I wonder why you put base (gravel)? You don't need edging for this?

Refugio Dueñas says:

Hi Tom how long did it take you to do all the cobblestone?

Rochelle Crawford says:

So, I just started this project for our back yard the dogs have destroyed. We purchased the recommended 80# bags, but got the high strength version Quikrete. What type did you use, as there is so MUCH aggregate in the mix we have I can not get all of the mix into the mold and it is VERY rough…. Thanks in advance for any insight you may have. You have the BEST video out there.. and I have watched all that I could find.

Peter Szucs says:

Thanx for very useful ideas!

Rick Ebel says:

Great Job! I really like how you finished off the cobblestones at all of the straight surfaces. I'll be doing this project very soon at my home.

Greg Simpson says:

That looks great Tom! How did you apply the stone dust?

Jay L says:

How long will this last in northern climates with freeze-thaw? How solid is it really? Can you move furniture or chairs on it?

Ctrl V says:

Nice work!

Do you need gravel under this? I have a concrete floor that is all cracked, can i put directly on top of it?

Jon Lynch says:

Wow, it's really nice. Great job!!!

ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

$8,000 Job, Looks Great..

Joaquin White says:

Did you fill in the lines? I was told I could use sand to fill in the lines. Is that a good idea

Asia Sales says:

You FREAKING KILLED THIS?! All in all how long did it take? I decided to take this route, instead of pavers. I felt I can do a little at a time with this method of paver mould.

Joaquin White says:

How did you get the edge so roundsmooth?

pof1991 says:

An excellent job especially improvising around the difficult areas it looks very good well done mate

Orlando Lopez says:

You the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJJ says:

Can this be used for a driveway to park my car? Is gravel A necessary base or can you just put the concrete right over level dirt.

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