DIY Patio Heater / Fire-Pit

DIY  Patio Heater / Fire-Pit

How to make a patio heater from empty gas/propane tanks.

First of all DO NOT cut into a gas/propane tank unless you know what you are doing! Even though the tank may appear empty there is a risk of explosion and fire. The tanks I used were empty and had their valves removed. They were then filled with water to remove any remaining gas, emptied then refilled again to be sure. The tanks were then left in the open air for a few weeks to vent before being used. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
FYI : It has since been brought to my attention that it may be frowned upon to cut open or modify a gas/propane cylinders in some parts of the world! Be sure to check and follow your local rules and regulations.
Here are some of the many YouTube tutorials I watched before attempting it:

All I had to purchase for this project was the 4 inch(100mm) steel tube for the chimney part. It cost €12. The hinge nuts and bolts and the high temperature I already had. I reckon it would have cost about €20 if i had to purchase them.
It is a fairly easy project to do but there is a lot of cutting grinding and sanding. I decided to burn the paint off the cylinder as it was difficult the get it off with the grinder. Thanks for watching !

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What is it used for?

gary gerard says:

the peak cut in the opening/door looks nice
filling the base with concrete would make is more stable
a rack above the smoke stake would let you boil a pot of water in short time
nice work – good editing

beachfiredude says:

Great job
Thank you for sharing

박상복 says:

잘 보고갑니다…b^ ^

Joseph Campese says:

Spark arrestor.

Dave Boo says:

Nice design one of the best I've seen thanks for some good ideas

mongoliansheepfarmer says:

Think you might need to insulate that handle


I did not see the usefulness of this project, what's the use?😕😕😕😕😕😕

Sma 556 says:

Great workmanship. Thanks for sharing.

Tony says:

You need to add a stove pipe rain cap with wire mesh to keep rain, snow, bees and birds out of it. Plus it would look cool. ha ha

Grant West says:

I agree this is a cool Idea. But as a person that burns wood a lot. This thing needs some addition to get 2 thumbs up. #1 if you could add a tray that regulated Air intake and #2 doubles as Ash collection, this would be right on. I’m telling you getting the ash out of this thing is gonna be a pain every time. Adding a latch to the door handle is a must. This way if a log falls over inside the fire it can’t fall out and onto your floor

supernewuser says:

Cool project. Did that have any impact on the grass under where you had the fire pit sitting?

Nick Maclachlan says:

Too smokey = not enough air holes…………

Do Something Fun says:

How well does it work? Does it warp at all? How much heat goes out the top?

Rooster Cogburn says:

I'll take two please…

Joel Blanco says:

Awesome job literally one of the best ones I’ve seen. Keep it up

Josh Reed says:

Very cool!! I was hoping the build wouldn't require welding (I don't have a welder unfortunately), but this is a very nice build. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

Roadhog49 says:

Great vid👍

King Koopa says:

Dang son what did you do to your left finger!? Awsome VID!!!

Matt Thomas says:

if my friends saw me putting a tank like that in a fire they would think I've lost my mind

Juanc Jacob says:

That looms so cool! Im going to give a try. I have a couple os those thanks. Oh by the way u have a new subscriber!

Mike The Maker says:

Nice build. You should add a grate in the bottom, since you have that tapered bottom it would fit in really nicely.

Bob Thorn says:

Was a bitt hard on ya mate but im shore it was fun build respect brother no hard feelings u did great for an outdoors product perfect just wanted u to know though i doubt u dont

DonDomel says:

genius ! Greetings from Poland !

Bob Thorn says:

Sorry to say but its not good the idea though is on the right side but lots of mistakes no air intakes nither primary or secondary witch results in bad burning no eficiency no ash colector all wrong

CrimsenKnight says:

You should totally add a few cast iron pans to this so that you can use it to cook also! Don't know how to do it but I'm sure it could be done and it'd be awesome!

Jshsh Oaoaphd says:

Great video and great project but please at least put a warning about using safety gear when welding and grinding especialy using grinder shield when using zip disc because lot of begginers watch this kind of videos and they dont have expirience like you using grinder so please for the future vids use more safety gear for better example. But please keep making projects. Thanks

Robert Antwi says:

Great job! Thanks!

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