DIY Simple Retractable Canopy for Your Pergola

DIY Simple Retractable Canopy for Your Pergola

How to make a sliding canopy for your pergola
With a retractable canopy strong sunlight overhead won’t detract from your enjoyment. Retractable canopy create protection from glare and shade when needed. Make a Sliding Wire-Hung Canopy for your pergola.

Materials Used:

Lumber wood 20х50 mm
3mm Diameter Flexible Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable 10 m
M4 Duplex Clips of Stainless Steel 2-Post Wire Rope Clip Cable Clamp 2 Pcs
M6 Stainless Steel Hook & Eye Turnbuckle Wire Rope Tension
Hardware 40mm Steel Screw In Vine Eyes 1 Pcs
Hardware 25mm Steel Screw In Vine Eyes 8 Pcs
Hardware Steel Zinc Plated Screw In Ceiling Hook, 100 mm
Fireman Plated Carbine Hook 6 x 60 mm 8 Pcs

Tools Used:

Cordless Drill
Tape Measure
Carpenter Pencils
Stainless Steel Ruler
Paint Brush


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► Camera and editing software

Camera YI 4K Action Camera
YI Handheld Gimbal 3-Axis
YI Selfie Stick and Bluetooth Remoter
Memory Card Micro SD
Software Sony Vegas Pro 13

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Yura Menshikoff says:

Please let me know what you think about it in the comments below

Dobbs Mill says:

To insert hooks, slot in a screw driver and fist grip. Its 100 times easier

Semper fidelis Semper Paratus says:

Why do they build this stupid things beyond me

Joshua Tortorello says:

What kind of fabric did you use, and how has it held up to the elements?

Israel Gerson Rios says:

Muy buen trabajo… Saludos genio…

Armando Saldaña says:

Excelente video. Alguien sabe que tela es la del video o que tela se puede utilizar.? Gracias.

Mike Builds says:

This is insanely clever.

yellownp22541 says:

Outstanding idea! Thank you very much for sharing!.

Gavin Williams says:

Watch @ 1.75X speed….. Thank me later. Great idea by the way. I will be doing this on the pergola that i am building on the weekend 🙂

Sadiya Khan says:

Thank you for this – its exactly what I want to do for my pergola!

Craig Mark says:

Nice job. Very creative.

Neeraj Dahiya says:

Is this called simple ..? Just asking

Jhamie Erik Serena says:

Where did you buy the fabric?

Russ Clay says:

Better remove it during the winter where you get snow and ice. Also heavy wind will tear it up.

blubhumm says:

Hammer diese treckigen Fingernägel 🤮

avtoban27 says:

Более нудное видео ещё надо поискать

Branded Canopy Tents says:

Nice Video! great ideas thanks for sharing.

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