How to Make a Concrete Patio Pub Table with LED Lights and a Cooler

How to Make a Concrete Patio Pub Table with LED Lights and a Cooler

In this project DIY Pete will show you the process of building a concrete pub table with a wood base and LED lights. Pete is joined by Leah from be_uncaged who is an artist in Bozeman, Montana and an avid DIY’er.

Leah’s Artwork and Inspiration:
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1627 W Main Street Suite 182
Bozeman, Montana 59715

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Don Lawler says:

Fabulous ingenuity and beauty beyond DIY.


perfect I love it and I can't stop watching it too

I was thinking why the concrete is just on top of the legs

Mike Costanti says:

Pete, love you videos. I poured my first concrete countertops last night–and I've watched a fair number of your videos to get myself comfortable enough. Fingers crossed they'll turn out okay. One tip that I saw on another video was using a hammer drill set to hammer and then hammer drilling into a sacrificial space block of 2×4. I have a Bosch hammer drill, so I just used that with a paddle bit. Worked amazing. I know a lot of your stuff is set up for DIY folks, and they may not have a hammer drill, however many of them do have a cordless drill that has a hammer drill setting on it…so maybe you might consider messing around with that on a future episode. Keep up the great work, dude.

Kevin Bowker says:

Very slick! Thanks for sharing!

Barry Roberts says:

Well done Pete and Leah. Pete you definitely have a love affair with Concrete ha ha ha.
Barry (ENG)

Do And Brew - DIY says:

Thanks Pete! You and Leah did a great job – very cool project! I need to build one of these for my back deck.

gallwapa says:

Pre-defense from joint snobs. lol 🙂 I love it.

cicco says:

High 5 you gyus!!!

Chris Cavallari says:

This is a great project! Love it.

Summers Woodworking says:

What an awesome idea and table!

Antoine Toine says:

Sympathique projet !!

Upali Abeysinghe says:

Great concrete product. Whats the concrete mix ? I mean cement / water ratio ?
Fan from Srilanka

At Or Around Ten says:

Great idea. I noticed the concrete wobbled a bit as if it wasn't flat. Extra silicone when attaching to the base solved that?

undead2live says:

Great job…. Awesome

Najim Nasire says:

Awesome project Pete!!

I am also planning on building a concrete table, but with a stain. Would you recommend etching the concrete before staining or don't even bother etching it?
Thank You!!

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