My Extreme Patio / Porch Makeover!

My Extreme Patio / Porch Makeover!

New patio who this? Since it’s now officially summer in our new home, it’s about time I got my porch ready for all kinds of outdoor chilling. I made a super affordable outdoor couch plus finished the space with lots of boho decor.

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Louis beatty says:

omg, I love this space so much… one thing though, could you like maybe, you know like clean your rough. otherwise, this is one of THE best spaces you've made in my opinion. I love to see more of this style in your DIY'S.

Selin Birkan says:

Bobby is 0

Every like he is a year older

How old can he get?

Angie MR says:

Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing how the patio turned out👏🏻👏🏻❤ great job!!!

왕자님Park says:

The curtains don’t go all the way to the floor

Irma Norminton says:

Ok, so this is seriously WOW. I just need to ask… will the items not be stolen off the patio? Sadly here in my country, all of that stuff will be stolen within the first two days, especially if there is not an electric fence around the house.

Kayla Johnson says:

You guys should do over an apartment sized kitchen!

Vania Elizabeth Espinoza says:

Yo where’s Kelsey?

Forken Delicious Life says:

I LOVE this space you created! I wanna come hang out on that patio! Haha, Very cute and inspired me for me crazy messy patio!

annie00724 says:

Patio got an instant makeover as soon as the weird pedestal was taken away.

Manjeetinder Kaur says:

the best patio makeover ever …. loads of love …..

Debbie Kingston says:

❤️the makeover especially the curtains

in time says:

So cute but def wondering how long white stays ✨ white ✨ outdoors🙈

Alex Spence says:

Where did you get the cushions? We are looking for some!

AryaJennifer says:

Come to Bali ❤❤❤❤

Drea's Vlogs says:

This is amazing! Please do more patio or balcony make overs especially for the average apartment size balcony or patios pleaseeee!! In desperate need of inspiration!!

Dawn Lev says:

jesus this is amazing

Kelly Chapman says:

I have a balcony thats very tiny and VERY shabby like mAybe 5’x5’ and it feels like its sloping down and i never use it but if it was nicer (and the door wasnt broken) i would

Angel Chan says:

Did you sand the palettes down??

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