Part 2. How to make a Concrete Coffee Table for the Patio (Wood Base)

Part 2. How to make a Concrete Coffee Table for the Patio (Wood Base)

Learn how to make a wood base for a concrete coffee table. This simple to build wood base is constructed of 2×4 boards, 4×4 boards, and fence pickets. This is a good beginner to intermediate project, and the high end concrete table will be a talking point at your parties and barbecues for years to come. Add optional LED lights to really make it a hit!

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Alan Meijer says:

Is the top attached to the base or does it just lay on top. If it's as heavy as you say it is, it probably doesn't need attachment.

Justin Schmidt says:

Do you have the video showing you make and form the concrete top?

Luke Giduz says:

Hey pete, i love your videos! I have a question, what's the best way to attach a concrete table top to its base? i have a 20" x 40" concrete top and a 16" x 30" base so there will be some overhang. it's a small enough project to where i think it would be preferable to attach it instead of just resting it on the top. Thoughts? Would liquid nails be strong enough?

Chuck Cheesman says:

yes sir that is the one

Chuck Cheesman says:

Hey pete these are cool plans. How about showing us a plan for that assembly table you have? I like that one

Jjade Fernans says:

U r welcome. Thx for sharing πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡ΉπŸ˜Ž

Jjade Fernans says:


Petr Blaha says:

What's the total weight? πŸ™‚

Jeff Wise says:

Hey great project, been working in concrete for a while now. the addition of the lighting is a great idea. guess i know what im doing this weekend.

nick gray says:

Pete! I love your videos! Can you please PLEASE build a table for a big green egg grill. I'd love to see how that would turn out! Ur awesome!

Our Build says:

Great looking design Pete!

tzkelley says:

Great project! One suggestion though–if you ensure you're bottom boards are cupped downwards they'll drain water better.

Jacob Does says:

cool I really like it.

Humus Workshop says:

Looks great, nice job!

Jack li says:

You really inspired me. Next time when I build my own cabin I will use concrete to make all my tables and the countertops maybe even an outside kitchen

Tito Wambuch says:

i like the lighting looking owesome….

Scrap wood City says:

It came out great. Really liked the concrete techniques you used on part 1!

asantiago912 says:

Great idea! I'm new to this DIY usually I just buy the items I want but some aren't exactly what I want or pictured in my head. So the more I watch your videos the more I get inspired to build my own thing! Keep up the great videos!


hi my friend can you subscribe to my channel to, if you want to ok thank you πŸ™‚

Ryan Myhre says:

nicely done! maybe i missed it, but how much did this cost you to build, roughly?

Raul Guzman says:

Thanks Pete beautiful table I'm going to built one for my wife love your videos

fishnboat78 says:

Nice job Pete!!

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