Here’s is the best plumbing tricks compilation on the web. These tricks are good for DIYers and residential/commercial plumbers.
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2000 Grit Wet or Dry Sandpaper: https://amzn.to/2tODDmp
Milwaukee HoleSaw Kit (28-Piece): https://amzn.to/2T8TF9Q
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Got2Learn says:

Stuff I used in this video:

2000 Grit Wet or Dry Sandpaper: https://amzn.to/2tODDmp

Milwaukee HoleSaw Kit (28-Piece): https://amzn.to/2T8TF9Q

MagTorch Butane Soldering Torch: https://amzn.to/2tNMlRV

Food Coloring for toilet test: https://amzn.to/2Hd98i7

8" Channel Lock Adjustable Pliers: https://amzn.to/2tNzcZm

3/8" Piggy Back Valve: https://amzn.to/2EIXR7i

1/2" Compression Valve: https://amzn.to/2VynTzU

yodahassoda says:

great ideas you have I already new a lot of the them but learned some new ones thanks

Renato Costa says:


Sofjan Mustopoh says:

Fast food drink straws
I have several in my solder tool box
Use the straw to blow the water out of the pipe
Or suction the water out of the vertical pipe before solder

It is part of my pipe soldering tool box supplies

alfred garza says:

Awesome info sir thank you

PlumberBee says:

very genius indeed

Jason Smith says:

The "L" is silent. ..😎 never heard it said as it is spelled before. Lol "sotter" is how I've always pronounced it

Daniel Coetzee says:

Good tip about the manufacturer's sticker…! I bought a brand new scraper the other day with a sticker covering most of the blade. I couldn't remove the sticker and the glue with soap and water or with another scraper. Wasted about an hour of work time trying to clean it properly. The blade is still not ready!

Daniel Coetzee says:

Good video….! Nice comfortable speed (not like the previous one I watched that was like a runaway train..!)
Good tips! Thanks!

john c says:

Who's gonna tell him it's pronounced SAWder

tuddy23 says:

Bro'o you're either from saint Leonard or Park Ex. That accent is unique

Todd Poolman says:

Been watching a few videos….not too shabby! Lol. I don't know everything but couple things to add….1:45….not every one has dye or food coloring….if the tank is full, shut the shut off , mark the inside of the tank at the water line and wait a bit ….when checking….water level has gone down, good chance it's the flapper. Want more pressure out of shower heads….all have restrictors that can be removed….down side you will use more water.

Der Hof 2007 says:

Who else pronounces solder without the L?

Phillyfishguy says:

What is soleder lol

paul k says:

goo gone works well to dissolve the glue from the stickers. i keep a small bottle in my shed for just such a purpose.

Steve 3crows says:

An easier way to stop a drip leak so you can solder a joint is to get some fresh white bread and roll it back into dough balls and shove em in until it's solid, then you have enough time to solder the joint..
(push em a few inches away from the joint so you don't cook em..)
The bread breaks down when the water's turned back on and just comes out the tap..
(of course, take any filter off the first tap to open..)

Edit – another nice vid mate, cheers..

Bruce Wagenberg says:

Love the fast presentation and the tricks themselves.

Petroshmo says:

Zipties the first 2 loops of your pants together. Keep a knife handy pee pee pants

bull head says:

looks more like tips and shortcut… no one hacked anything… duhhhh

Ken Kw says:

To clean your toilet, go to the .99 cent store and buy a stick of pumice, quick and effective without scratching the porcelain surface!

Duggy Dugg says:

all the online tool suppliers sell chamfer bits cheap ..
or a file or metal cutting disc will dress the occasional bolt thread …in case a guy forgets to thread the nut on first

Duggy Dugg says:

luv the valve up line from where you solder…..i've used an expansion plug to stop the water trickle

Duggy Dugg says:

can you fit a compression valve on full pressure 1/2" copper …116psi incoming …and curb shutoff is stuck in the open position ???

TheLuckyman7726 says:

“A hole lot easier “…

totalpkg69 says:

am carpenter and did not know about relief holes for hole saw

Nour Eldin says:

Nigga put some gloves on..good video tho

zerodegrekelvin2 says:

Thanks alot!! Very neat your tricks!

Austen J says:

Good tip about cutting threaded rod with the nut on. Then spin off the nut to re-thread the end. Nice time saver. Thanks.

boashna says:

dont use the zip tie idea . zip tie broke after i hooked up with my renters hair and now I have a broken zip tie in the line . she told me that she shaves her legs hair with weed eater to save money on blades. I told her to use horse brush to comb her legs before mowing it down.

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