DIY – Repair with SharkBite Plumbing Fixtures with PEX

DIY – Repair with SharkBite Plumbing Fixtures with PEX

Want to learn more about SharkBite connectors or PEX plumbing? Want to hear a tiny rant on bad diagnoses along with high prices from different large plumbing businesses during the construction boon here in 2018? Then stay tuned. This video is about using the SharkBite connectors under my kitchen sink. While I could have just ordered a 3-way or 2-way ball type stop valve, the leak needed attention right then on that Saturday. It was getting seemingly worse by the hour. As I do with other projects, I will watch to see if it holds up for at least two years. It may last longer. I hope this helps at least one person on YouTube because so many videos have helped me over time and have helped me save thousands in cash over the years and get a better product than I would have been given in most cases. While it is long, don’t forget that it is a video and you skip through.



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