How to Install PEX Pipe in Bathrooms (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

How to Install PEX Pipe in Bathrooms (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Learn how to install PEX pipe in bathrooms instead of soldering
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If you’ve never soldered before it can be intimidating. Plus you can easily catch your house on fire – never a good thing.

Today you’ll learn how to install PEX pipe in bathroom. This is a general overview that’ll share quick tips and get you familiar with PEX.

PEX pipes come in 1/2′ or 3/4″ at the local home stores. You can then get all the corresponding PEX crimping rings and fittings.

To effectively use PEX you need a crimping tool. In today’s video I use the SharkBite crimper but there are many different brands. The one downside to the SharkBite crimper are the short handles which prevent good leverage.

It’s pretty simple to use PEX. SharkBite recommends crimp rings be 1/8″ to 1/4″ from the end of the PEX. Slide your crimp ring over the PEX then the fitting into the pipe. Use your crimper at a 90 degree angle to the PEX and compress the crimp ring. It’s that easy.

The video shares how to remove PEX crimp rings if you mess them up. This too is pretty straight forward.

Check out the video for all the details

Hope you liked today’s video. It’s meant to be a high level overview of PEX and why you want to use it.

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Francois Lavallee says:

Pex wins ! Thanks

Keith Heinrichs says:

Thanks for the video. Doing a bathroom remodel now. I don't like to solder copper. I almost went with CPVC, then read more about PEX. Cost of the tool is surely worth it…great plumbing solution!

Swan Auto47 says:

I would use pex, w/ a shower and sink

Jimmie Johnson says:

PEX is awesome

Aim High says:

I will be replacing all the lines in our house with pex.

Maurice Brown says:

Maybe if you wanted the ring to be in the right place first time every time you could look into the Uponor System. just a thought for another video..

Jobey Roeho says:

Where is the bathroom?

roger thomas says:

going try to pex my place soon , seems like the way to go, would like to see it connecting to a brass union and to sinks. great video

John Thornton says:

Maybe Ive been having bad luck but Ive been having pex fittings (for example) advertise as 3/4" but actually dont fit 3/4" pex tubing. It is perplexing.

Ray Lyn says:

I want to know how important it is to have the stainless steel crimp ring set back 1/8 to 1/4 inch from the plastic elbow. I have seen a job done that all the crimp rings were all butted up tight against the plastic elbow with no space between the elbow & crimp ring. Is this cause for alarm?

Chaplain Jorge Rosas says:

yes i would, never used pex but will use it now for the first time tomorrow

Julio Cesar Cruz Lopez says:

hi there…. I like been using pex systems, but the thing is that I have been notice that when you use pex and coper some times there is pressure problems, special at the showers…. have you seen this things happen before??…..

Gavin Walsh says:

I really don't see any down sides to pex

Robert Natiello says:

pex over copper because people are stealing copper out if your house even today – as stupid as it sounds thieves steal your elect wire and plumbing.

Joe Drager says:

If it shows, I use copper.

D G says:

Great vid! My Son Beau works at HOME DEPOT in Oak Ridge,TN. i have an underground massive breach. Bill was $288.00 plus. I thought i am so screwed? I dont know where the leak is. I put the line in when he was 6 months old…he is 21 now. He hits me with your video and all the info i need. WOW…TIMES HAVE CHANGED… I am getting LONG IN THE TOOTH…live in MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and thought I dont have the energy…with this simple system…i am 40 again and have so much confidence.
Thank you and glad to subscribe to your channel…
Great stuff! DG

Rafael Pena says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge !

SashNone says:

I'd love to use this kind of PEX, but in Russia you can't buy it… 🙁

Charles Baker says:

Never used PEX, but it's appears to be simpler than copper and PVC. Will require a whole new set of tools, which is never a bad thing in my world.

Virgil says:

Being a disabled American Veteran and thanks to a democratic congress our disability pay is less than half of the national poverty level so we need to make really smart informed decisions when we have to deal with such stuff like this and I feel for my money that PEX is the only way to go when you are on a very small budget, yes you do need to get special tools for the pipe but in the long run it is much cheaper to use PEX than to go the cheap route and get low quality materials that will not last as long and is much harder to work with. I have had experience with both copper pipe and soldering it and also using pvc pipe and using the cement with it and I find that anything that is not as messy is the best route to go. Also from what I have read you can bend the PEX pipe around corners without the need for fittings which means that it is easier and quicker to install.

Barbara Larochelle says:

Viva PEX!!!!!

Pat Masherelli says:

Absolutely WILL use pex on my next diy project.

Kevin Roberts says:

The shark bite fittings are junk. China rubber o-ring will not last long.

Tina Leanne says:

This shows NOTHING regarding installing PEX in a bathroom!!! Just how to crimp.Now, how do you attach the stop valve to the wall???

Robin Wang says:

Welcome to try new PEX Combo Tool Kits:

Debra P. says:

Hi I started a bathroom remodel and when removing my bathtub/shower stall I found the copper water lines to the faucet ran though the apron of the tub and that won't work with the tub I bought so I was afraid I would have to move the copper pipes and solder them. My son suggested I look into Pex piping, I have and I'm about to replace the water lines from the wall to the faucet connection with Pex.

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