Moving Water Lines. DIY Plumbing renovation

Moving Water Lines. DIY Plumbing renovation

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In order to finish my control room for my studio down stairs I needed to move the water lines or water pipes that were going to my upstairs bathroom and kitchen. I wasn’t very hard but the old pipes were copper and I was now converting it to pex. This was pretty simple because we used shark tooth pipe connectors to go from copper to pex. Then I used pipe clamps to clamp all of the pex and pex connectors together.

Plumbing was a lot easier to do than I thought I simply read some plumbing books and asked questions at the hardware stores. When using sharkbites or shark bites just make sure you have the pipes cut straight and the shark bite pushed on all the way.

Doing all of this remodeling in my office is preparing me to remodel my house and now I am confident I will be able to do all of the plumbing on my own. DIY plumbing can be done with a little bit of elbow grease. How to install the pex with plastic clamps isn’t as good as using metal pipe clamps. The waterline redesign was vital for finding getting my recording studio finished. Plumbing with pex pipe is a lot quicker and less expensive than working with copper. While you might learn something on how to work with pex pipe but this isn’t a pex plumbing tutorial. Thank you for watching.

We had to redirect some of the pipes to get them to run through the walls. Now that they are ran through the walls I will be able to put up a new wall so that my control room is double insulated. This will help with heat and sound purposes.

At the end of the video I put the second coat of joint compound on and explained a little more about the process of fixing water damaged walls.

I’m just a everyday regular guy, but I have a lot going on. I’m building or a new house, renovating office space for my new video studio, all while planning to move to Hawaii. As well I try to make time to stay active with my kids and spend time outdoors while I still have the chance.

I try to spend as much time on my boat as possible fishing for bass. At times I try to target cat fish, pike and walleye. I’m sure many things will change when I get to Hawaii.

I will be vlogging as much as I can. My vlogs will include everyday life, fishing, deer hunting, building my house and building my studio in my office.



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