Polybutylene plumbing repair

Polybutylene plumbing repair

Polybutylene pipe repair using PEX



Robert Terry says:

if your gonna use Pex only use Pex A pipe. the rest of the shit is garbage.

jecadros says:

What kind of crimp tool you were using? below  you said the shark bite is an option that you don’t like.

powerman says:

Must have been a Horton Home

powerman says:

Typical Damn Mobile Home

Handyjack says:

Only copper is proper…

Etherglide says:

Why are people being lazy? Why not solder and gauruntee a proper water tight join?

TertiaryAdjunct says:

2 questions.

1. So does convertion crimp ring for the poly and the pex can be crimped with the PEX crimp tool?
2. Can the PEX go NOGO guage be use on both sides? pex and poly-b rings

hvactecster79 says:

While you had it opened up, the other poly fittings should have been replaced also. They all will fail in time and if they failed after you left, then it creates a callback which none of us likes. Great video otherwise. Take care.

Green Power Farm says:

Thanks for posting this…I am repairing a double wide trailer right now
and its this type of pipe……I learned alot here thanks!

s7rey says:

thanks for sharing!

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