#preper#plumbing DIY bath sink drain repair

#preper#plumbing  DIY bath sink drain repair

Welcome tutorial on how to change bath sink drain and plunger . Thanks for watching and enjoy



Warlan Tactical says:

Welcome back everyone. Disaster come in all sizes and forms . This is why periodically I will throw curve balls in my channel to keep expanding our minds to think out of the box to achieve the goal of self reliance . Know with all this continued knowledge when emergency’s strike its a walk in the park!!!!

The Prepared Norseman says:

Good idea using the putty, had not thought about that! Usually the ones I have installed had one of those silicone seals. But of course those are near impossible to actually get to seal on the cheapo sinks I keep buying so I tend to use bathroom silicone in addition to the supplied ring and then its tight. Might try the putty next time tho! Thanks for sharing!

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