Repairing a Damaged Gas Line – Real Plumbing Jobs

Repairing a Damaged Gas Line – Real Plumbing Jobs

Today I’m repairing a gas line that was hit by a car! Plumbers in Texas work on gas all the time, it’s a part of what our job entails. Today I’m giving you a POV of what a gas line repair looks like. If you want to see me work on a gas line, check this video out and let me know what you think!

What to Do if You Have a Gas Leak:
Things Homeowners Need to Know About Gas Meters:

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber and welcome to my channel. On this channel I teach homeowners how to save money on their plumbing by doing DIY plumbing projects. I also teach plumbers and plumbing company owners how to be the best plumbers in their area and run successful plumbing businesses. My goal is teach you everything you need to know about plumbing.

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Roger Wakefield says:

Like this if you've ever worked on gas lines
See more plumbing service calls:

Phillip James says:

I have always used both Teflon and dope.

Addicted2outdoors says:

Hey Rodger, do you think you could do a video on how Pressure reducing valves work?

Franco D says:

Do you need a license to do this

Abdul Rahman says:

i buy all my power tools from milwaukee most are fuel and they are great they never fail to preform but they are expensive they never fail at being expensive either 🙂

Azzeddine Choukri says:

Hi Roger, good video! I was wondering what type of the camera you have in your body to film in front of you

Marion Oliver says:

I really enjoy and appreciate your videos. Very informative. Keep them coming

Chrominance87 says:

Do you have bad shoulders from using one of those manual drop head threaders for years?

Chrominance87 says:

I like the welder look 😀 0:10


I do the same all the time.

Pablo says:

….and a little bit dope on that inside of the union will not hurt…ask me how I know

Aaron R says:

Propress RP 340, favorite tool

Matias Iris Capello says:

What gloves are those? I use wool gloves to work in anything but it sucks when it’s small stuff like nuts washer etc. I’ve used mechanics gloves and they rip in 2 seconds. Just curious

darkblade811 says:

M18 Fuel Hackzall. Hard to imagine running PVC in a tight crawl without one.
M18 9in Grinder. Cuts through cast iron, clay pipe, you name it.
M18 Fuel 1/2 Impact. For those stuck anode rods. All anode rods really…

Those would be my top 3. M18 Fuel Super Hawg with their Big Hawg teeth. Makes drilling out for new roughs/remodels a breeze. M18 Fuel Super Sawzall for demo. My apprentice said it's too much for him on the max setting.

Darryl Williams says:

Great video!!!

Bob Y says:

Roger, nice video but I'd like to go over some of the shortcomings I noticed, just to give the plumbers and pipefitters out there a perspective from the gas utility side and the National Fuel Gas Code. My name is Bob Yehlen and I've been a first responder /gas fitter for the gas utility in St Louis, Missouri for 35 years. I am presently retired but still consult for the gas industry from time to time when incidents occur throughout the country ( incidents like the over pressurized gas mains in Massachusetts, the mall gas explosion in Florida & ect.). So now let's go over the things I noticed on this particular video.
#1 before making a repair to any fuel run let's determine if the original installation was up to past and present codes ( is the fuel run sized properly? What is the total gas load, house and pool heater? This particular meter set has a b-42 regulator and a 275 CFH (275,000 BTUs) gas meter on inchs delivery. So if the total load is over 275,000 BTUs, the gas utility should be contacted for a gas meter upgrade) #2 the pool heater fuel run came off the gas company pressure tap tee ( the gas company uses this tee to determine lock up and working gas pressures; this is not a tee for your pool heater fuel run), that being said you may use it as long as another tee is added. This is done very simply by replacing one of your elbow at the meter set with a tee & plug ( now a tap is available for the gas company to take pressures and you can also pressure test your underground fuel run using the same pressure tap tee, just by hooking up your manometer, turn the valve on and back off, now you have a pressure test going). #3 jumping a live fuel run is very old school & is no longer acceptable by the National Fuel Gas Code & the AGA ( American Gas Association). The proper procedure would be to turn the gas off at the meter, install your required fittings for the job and pressure test the complete system. I know it seems like a waste of time and opening you up to much more repairs if problems are indicated on the other fuel runs but that is what's required in this day and age ( believe me, there are a lot of law firms out there hoping you don't pressure test and bypass required procedures).#4 a ground joint union is not acceptable for underground fuel runs and risers ( only insulated unions are acceptable for underground fuel runs and risers, this is required for cathodic protection). #5 all underground fuel runs should have a trace wire or a means to locate the underground installation. Since this is a repair & the original installation had no means of locating the line, this should be noted on your receipt and your records.
I hope some of this information was helpful. I know some of you will say that my local municipality or state does not require this,but these are the National Fuel Gas Codes, states and municipalities can enhance and make codes more stringent but in no way are they allowed to weaken or reduce the National Fuel Gas Code. You all stay safe out there and have a good day .

guitar1301 says:

In New Jersey Teflon tape is not allowed on gas piping unless it is the yellow tape That's rated for gas. If it was hit by a car it also requires a pressure test and inspection. So that you can check if line underneath ground is damaged in any way

guitar1301 says:

On an outside installation of a gas meter if its not up against the side of a house or if its within certain distance from a road , driveway or anywhere it can be hit needs to have concrete pilings here in New jersey… I know of an old lady who hit the gas instead of the brake on her car and ended up going around the back of the building and hitting allof the gas meters for the building . Luckily there was no fire or other damage. Any exposed black malleable steel pipe must be painted in order to prevent rust. We use galvanized outside

prox says:

Two question. What is that white dope? And how is it different from the black dope

jose artiaga says:

Ridgid 700 the best one

Angel Miguel says:

With small size pipes it may work fine, but from my experience on a job with 3 inch galvanize pipe I got leaks in almost every fitting and had to do it again with paste only.

Bic Mitchum says:

Leaks are the worst , better to take the time to apply both tape and dope only makes sence your not looking for leaks later

Rollie55 says:

Just by looking at the pipes that are connected to the meter on both ends, I don't understand why swing joints wouldn't be needed on either end where the pipe comes out of the ground.

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