8×12 Shed for $1000: Floor and Walls

8×12 Shed for $1000: Floor and Walls

Day 2 was super-productive. I built the floor and got the walls framed. In the process, I lost my hammer, but it all turned out okay in the end.

Check out Social Wood Works shed build going on right now!

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Michael Ott says:

When I built my first shed, I thought that if I just leveled/plumbed up the walls and tied them together,  it would be correct. But I learned that the walls can twist and  "rack" out of plumb after they're up.. It wasn't until I put up the ridge beam and rafters that I noticed the whole thing was racked out of true plumb. I should've braced the walls to keep them square when I built them. Then leave them in place until I get the sheathing on. You have to brace them on the inside of the wall. A builder friend of mine told me that… later on.. 🙂   I think the tongue and groove process reduces the width of the plywood. I wouldn't use it on a shed anyway. I use screws on normal plywood. They hold great… 15 yrs. and my shed is still standing straight.. No fixing or adjustment needed.

James Hebel says:

Um your hammer is under the shed LMAO

Dee Cee says:

The 47-1/2" thing got me the first time I used T&G too. Had to run back and pick up another sheet and rip into strips to make up the dif.

G Stewart says:

That little commentary about the “hammerskillz”, was hilarious. You seem to have some understanding of how you should build. Good job!

murray andru says:

Research the project, Live and learn, take care.

Creek Walker says:

Can you please tell me where you bought those cement blocks? Thanks.

Lou G says:

3/4 in. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Tongue & Groove Underlayment Pressure-Treated Plywood is 48" x 96". It includes the tongue.

Jackpo25 says:

Should have run the sheets perpendicular to the floor joists plus stagger them. A lot stronger plus still can get away with 3 sheets. 8ft 4ft, other row 4ft 8ft.

jday1965 says:

I saw the hammer right away. LOL

jollyandwaylo says:

I almost always put R-13 insulation in the floor and use hardware cloth into the ground on the perimeter to keep rats from making a home under there. I also frame it so it is ready for insulation and OSB on the inside. So often people want to put a little heat in the shed so the items in there don't rust and you can store paper files. Of course, they decide they want to heat it after about one year but it is all ready for little extra money.

Ryan Nicklin says:

Why did you waste all that money on gravel and plastic?

Tammy Finch says:

It makes you have to buy an extra sheet of t&g ply.

Austin C. says:

Also, take into consideration that if your floor joist are 8 ft long you have to remember that the rim joist will tack on 1.5” on each side, making your frame 8’ frame actually 8’ 3”. Rookie mistake, but hey I’ve made that error to plenty but the shed looks good!

Liberty Loft says:

Re: tongue and groove. I agree. And with the shed I'm going to build being off grid, I don't have time lolol to trim a 4×8 because the pieces are short. That's the whole point of using a standard 8×12 size, right? Convenience. I looked at Home Depot this evening and will prob upgrade to some $54 a sheet birch plywood. Looks awesome and is right on 4×8. For what will eventually be a craft/hobby/tool shed, that birch will look really nice long term. Good job on the subfloor!! 😉

Grow me something mister! says:

3:12 Didju bury the hammer? Poor lit'l bugga.

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