A garden shed is transformed into a guest house on time lapse (see FAQs in description)

A garden shed is transformed into a guest house on time lapse (see FAQs in description)

We’ll follow up with a tour of the cottage so you can see the kitchenette, the toilet closet, air conditioner, and the trundle bed that pops up to make a king size bed.

Video description:
See a time lapse video an unused garden shed that is transformed into a guesthouse that has a modern farmhouse meets cozy, bohemian cottage feel on a budget.

We used this time lapse camera to film the project: http://amzn.to/2vBVqzZ

See the details on the blog Simplicity in the South here: http://wp.me/p2Tvp5-3wZ

This was an existing structure on our property (just 10 feet off our front porch) and already had electricity. This saved on cost and we spent under $4000 to make it into a place for my step daughter and our parents to stay when they come visit. We’re not renting it out or living it.

The cottage is just under 110 square feet and the outside dimensions are 10 x 12′

You can see more pictures in the link to the blog post below, but the built in on the left side of the bed houses the kitchenette that has a mini fridge, sink and microwave. The coffee station sits on the dresser. The composting toilet (http://amzn.to/2f4sn1p) is in the built-in on the right.

Water for the sink is fed through a garden hose and drains into a grey water tank. The toilet is composting so it doesn’t need to be hooked to plumbing.

It has been fully insulated and there’s a portable AC (you can see it in the video as we’re putting up the TV cover) that exhausts out of the wall instead of the window. We’ll be adding a slim profile wall heater when it gets cooler.

Every city will have their own rules for permitting a structure like this so check with your own city beforehand (like we did) before making improvements. We didn’t expand the footprint of the existing structure, tie into plumbing, or make changes to the electrical panel.

Music at the beginning of the video was purchased at: https://audiojungle.net/item/this-is-drums/19764329
and the music at the end of the video was purchased at: https://audiojungle.net/item/upbeat-acoustic-uplifting-inspiring/15912404

Catch up on all the projects that went into this transformation here:

The room reveal: http://wp.me/p2Tvp5-3wZ

DIY reclaimed wood sliding TV cover tutorial: http://www.simplicityinthesouth.com/2017/04/diy-reclaimed-wood-sliding-tv-cover-now-you-see-it-now-you-dont.html

How to make a live edge bar:

DIY industrial pipe bar brackets:

How we made the built-in bed with a pop-up trundle (this makes the bed into a king-size bed for 2 guests) and the closets: http://www.simplicityinthesouth.com/2017/05/make-built-in-trundle-bed-cabinets.html



tggrsmommy says:

I could live in that!

Rhonda Kemerer says:

How much did it cost to make this? Super Cute!!!

Marcia Papin Rossi says:

Great i love the idea…very nice space.😃

Gerardo Salas says:

Anazing! Very inspirational now that i'm looking into building a shed-like mancave.
Thanks for sharing 🙂

Luis R. Villanueva says:

Guy's that was awesome!!

Callie Dixon says:

You built a room under 6 min wow! lol jk very nice

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Stephanie Wright says:

I love this soooo much! I also love the couple dancing at the end of the video! So cute

Jenni Doughty says:

Love the metal pipe and wood shelving

Marina Henriksen says:

the fake shiplap was so clever!!

NaturallyKoily Kuteness says:

Absolutely gorgeous!!! You guys have done an awesome job transforming and recreating that space.

classic287 says:

Very nice. Can't believe that's a shed…

fit_ me says:

Would be perfect for a "home" office.

Khanda Averett says:

That's AWESOME how did you do that

mamatosh05 says:

You two dancing at the end was the best part. Loved it!

Toria Meske says:

Super cute!!!!

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should have staggered the faux shiplap, other than that GREAT! Love it!

renae itali says:

That was awesome guys! I enjoyed watching it!

Erick Acuña says:

Very nice…!!!!

Jeannie Alford says:

Fantastic job. Congratulations.

Tamara Weber says:

I could live in this, love it

Parallel Burrito says:

I did pretty much the same thing for when my kids get older and need somewhere to stay when they come back home. Heat pump mini split cost me $500 and it takes up no floor space.

Sanna says:

Your dance at the end is so sweet 🙂

sweetchild says:

that is awesome tubs up from Dominica

Barbara Morrison says:

Really kool video. Love the beat to the movement

Kate Dunno says:

WOW, How much is the rent I'll be in town next week. Awesome job guy's

Anne says:

Must be really cool to have a husband who can do all that… The wife had some skills of her own.. The place turned out beautiful as well

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