Building The Ready Shed by Backyard Discovery [SPONSORED]

Building The Ready Shed by Backyard Discovery [SPONSORED]

In this video I show you The Ready Shed by Backyard Discovery, from the delivery, to the disassembly of the crate and putting it all together. To get your own Ready Shed see the link below for the peak or barn style roof. This video is sponsored by The Ready Shed by Backyard Discovery.

o The Ready Shed Peak 8’x8’:

o The Ready Shed Barn 8’x8’:

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Dahut says:

Pretty cheap, but not what I would do.

Roof Repair Techs says:

Wish these came in an 10 by version and they sold an expansion pack to extend the length of the 8×10 John deer version to make it 8×16 or something bigger

Jason Son says:

This is great value for money [ Check Details Here⇒> ]! Such a large plan and designs in so little amount. I know something like this would go higher on the parallel market. Ryan you have done so much in offering this up for sale. Thank you so much.

Jose huertas says:

how to order one??

rs2klee says:

now to copy the parts and make your own 😉

Lord Ba'al says:

I would have did the platform base differently. I would have screwed those top beams into the bottom.
And I would have used concert pillars.
Or else, don't even use those 3 bottom beams. Just use pressure treated.

jk08 says:

Love it! I'll buy one, cost dependent.

esteiner97 says:

This actually provides some great exposure for the company that sponsored the vid. I'm very impressed.

Tom Yaxley says:

5th i just bought this shed as soon as i saw this and i still done even know were im gonna put it lol

Biff Dingus says:

This one doesn't look too terrible but I would caution people against some of these shed kits. A lot of them are extremely flimsy and absolutely not worth the money. You are far better off contacting a local shed builder in your area or just doing it yourself.

cronicjointpain says:

This looks so nice. Especially considering I have a ground hog living under mine and there's holes in the floor and the doors off the track so bees and giant spiders keep invading it. LOL but I rent and don't have much money so there's not much I can do about it right now.

Jorge Ochoa says:

cuanto mide?? ….how long??

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