DIY Customized Shed (w/ Solar Lights!)

DIY Customized Shed (w/ Solar Lights!)

We built a storage shed and customized it with solar lights, paint, and pegboard. Now we’re one step closer to workshop organization! Thanks Lowe’s for sponsoring this video, check out the shed we built here: and the rest of the tools & materials below! 👇

Also, did you see our paver video?–oU

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TOOLS / MATERIALS (affiliate)
■ Worx Foldable Workbench
■ Cedar Shed
■ Outdoor Solar Lights
■ Indoor Solar Lights
■ HGTV Showcase Paint (color: Domino)
■ Craftsman toolbox (waterproof)
■ Craftsman Hammer Drill
■ Craftsman Drill
■ DeWalt drill
■ ISOtunes hearing protection
■ Caulk Gun
■ Silicone Caulk
■ Telescoping Ladder
■ Hitachi Nail Gun
■ Craftsman Flood Lights
■ Craftsman Tape Measure

FILMING GEAR (affiliate)
■ Fujifilm X-T10 (main camera)
■ 35mm F 1.4 lens (makes things look fancy)
■ Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 V (slow-mo camera)
■ Main tripod
■ Pan head for tripod
■ Lighting kit
■ Wireless lav mics

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kyle pitts says:

Wood shed looks great. On your note about plastic sheds. I had a vinyl shed, I actually framed wood on the inside and added shelves etc and everything I needed. Looks great though.

jeremy gunkel says:

My favorite backyard and gardening experts.

Brandon Kaida says:

I'm actually in the middle of making an outdoor game cabinet that looks very similar to this. This video helped me with some issues I was having so thanks!

Steven Andrews says:

that drain should go away from the foundation. unscrew the turn at the bottom of downspout and flip it 180.

Darin Beard says:

✔️➕ For the fun. You guys make me happy. I very much enjoy watching you figure it out and make it work. I guess a shop organization video is coming for what you do with the new wall space? 🙂

Scott McFarlane says:

Did you use the same intro or was that me?

Samuel Kiger says:

It turned out beautiful! I'm super impressed! You might of just changed my life when I saw the metal pegboard, where did you find that?? Anyways, I appreciate the work you put into not only the project but the filming aspect too!

Roxanne says:

Is Evan about to say ''tabarnak'' at 12:39?

Lisa Schreiber says:

amazing job!

Robc509 says:

You need to add like a foot and a half of height onto it haha

Allan Paganini says:

Hi guys
How are you?
This shed is very nice, easy, comfortable and more space for your garage.
By the way Katelyn cleaned the nose and forehead hahaha you are amazing hahaha.
Congratulations by channel from Brazil – São Paulo

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