DIY Man Cave / She Shed – Part 19 – Making The Window

DIY Man Cave / She Shed – Part 19 – Making The Window

I make a very strong, durable wooden window using using pressure treated C18 construction timber 75 x 47mm (2 x 3″‘s) and a virtually unbreakable 6mm polycarbonate sheet. No fancy joints, no fancy tools.



iamneallyons says:

What size where the boards/timber you used to build the frame? 1x4s?

Gasmandude says:

Nice video. You’d have been better with maybe a second hand upvc window. I’m doing 1 in a few weeks, hoping to pick 1 up for about £20

John McGinn says:

How comfortable is it in side with the insulation?

Dale Skidmore says:

I like the way you cut the groove for the perspex, I never thought a C.S. could do such accurate work as that. You have to really look around the local suppliers and DIY stores for timber: they don't all cut their wood in the same way, so you may find some don't sell stock in the most convenient sizes; and there can be quite a price range too. I use a merchant 10 miles away from me because they have all sizes in all lengths for you to go through and pick out what you want and the price is good too. I have seen a 1/4 board of ply in B&Q costs more than a whole board there!

Alexander Dunlop says:

Nice job with the window des best wishes Alexander Glasgow.

Lime 23 says:

In future I would do it so you have beads on the inside so the glass / poly if it gets damaged can easily be replaced. Looking good though mate

Ratch Riat says:

looking fantastic.

Pyewack3t says:

Looking fantastic.

Stephen S says:

5:45 If you had a tablesaw then you could set the height to the right height and set the fence to the outside edge of the mortice and rip down one side. Rotate the board 180 and do the same as before. Do this for all pieces. Set the fence again to the centre of the mortice and do all pieces. Obviously a router is the best method.

Grumpy's Workshop says:

Came out great

Alan Ansell says:

looking good dez i would put some Beeding round the inside to stop drafts

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