DIY Man Cave / She Shed – Part 7 – Installing The Rafters

DIY Man Cave / She Shed – Part 7 – Installing The Rafters

I construct the framework for the roof using pressure treated C18 construction timber 75 x 47mm.

I fix these together using Turbogold PZ double-countersunk screws 5 X 100mm:



mac plastering says:

Just took down a metal shed and re assembled it , it was a real pain wood seems much better πŸ™‚ Great video man will need to catch up on the whole

Again happy Crimbo and new year mate

Thomas says:

Awesome! Keep up the great work. Go and check out smzeus!! It’s the fastest way to grow your channel!!

Munkfish says:

Great work, Des, very enjoyable following the videos. πŸ™‚

Seprah Official says:

Hey it’s filmmaker Tesco guy

Pyewack3t says:

That's going to be absolutely bomb proof when it's done. Fantastic work as always and thanks for sharing.

Hard Worker says:

Why no windows.

Dale Skidmore says:

It doesn't matter if you make a mistake if you can fix it, or replace something and use the bits else where. I think there may be a few shed projects coming up soon. Atb.

C4sp3r says:

Great little tip about supporting the long lengths of timber. I hadn't thought of that, like having an extra pair of hands or two!

Have a look on eBay etc for a belt clip for your impact driver. They are usually available for very little cost, I got them for my drill and driver and it allows you to hang them off your pocket or pouch belt, makes life a lot easier especially when working on a step/ladder when you need to free up a hand. Also worth buying a tool beltl, comes in very handy, saves a lot of time fetching screws and allows you to take your various tools with you and have somewhere to put them. Finally a nice little stocking fillerfrom Santa is a magnetic wristband. Ideally for keeping screws to hand.

She is coming a long a treat, it won't be going anywhere anytime soon!

Alexander Dunlop says:

Happy days happy days. I know you said ur not a joiner or carpenter but I must say I think ur doing a better job than most of them out there des. Am really enjoying this project mate. I look forward to part eight des. Kind regards Alexander & Sophie in cold rainy windy Scotland.

TheDoctorPretzel says:

Personally I would've fitted the rafters at full length, used a chalk line to mark them in a straight line in position and cut them with a circ saw as it would be quicker.

Other than that tho you're doing a fantastic job 😁

Tony Matthews says:

Awesome, and you really do make it look soo easy.
I would not have thought of putting those temporary beem holders in place.
Thanks for posting.

Ratch Riat says:

that's a ver good progress dez

Jay luas says:

Comming along nicely des πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Rachel Manning says:

You need to get a move on with this.
It’s nearly winter.πŸ˜‹

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