DIY Man Cave / She Shed / Workshop / Cabin – Part 11 – Felting The Roof

DIY Man Cave / She Shed / Workshop / Cabin – Part 11 – Felting The Roof

Disaster strikes!



TheDoctorPretzel says:

At 10:40, I'm a plumber and my motto is, "measure 3 times, check twice, cut once" 😅 good job tho look forward to the end product!

Matt Ridler says:

Now that is a serious amount of nails! That felt isn't going anywhere

Alexander Dunlop says:

Hello des, you did a great job mate and you deserved a beer or two. Can't wait until you upload the rest of this project. Hope you have a nice weekend mate. Take care kind regards Alexander n Sophie.

Ratch Riat says:

I think you did a fantastic job des I am DIY person like you and the best way to learn is when you little mistake looking good looking forward to the next video.

Dale Skidmore says:

Looks like you used an Uzi Nailgun, lol. You should always put any mistakes into a vid, or no one will learn anything, like how to put things right. I dislike roofing felt, I feel it would last longer if it had a hessian core to it. It can be quite brittle if put on in winter ( use a hot air gun to warm up the folds ), as I have learnt to my cost. Is it time to put the kettle in now???

rich peas says:

Even though it's a pain for you trying to sort out cock-ups, I appricate you showing your mistakes which gives others the chance to avoid, there are too many diy videos out there that are too "polished". In the end though it turned out OK.

Eddie says:

Well done, and thanks for showing us the slight errors as well. Turned out ok in the end though

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