How To Build A Shed By Yourself DIY

How To Build A Shed By Yourself DIY

Building a shed by yourself. How to build and make your own garden shed man cave tiny house by yourself diy. This is how I built my 8 x 12 shed by myself just using regular materials. Pallets may be cheap but this will last. I built this shed in 4 short days. I used steel roofing and siding for low maintenance. You could build this as a pole barn too and make it permanent. I chose to put it on skids so I can move it if necessary down the road if I want to have it in a different location. I did a 8/12 pitch roof to give more room for storing stuff in the attic. You could easily go bigger if you wanted and live in it for a tiny house if it was insulated well. here you can find some great Milwaukee 18v tool kits. If you don’t have any tools these make the job easier. here is where you can find this shears for your drill. Its a great tool to have if you do much with steel at all. here you can find the Dewalt Cordless Framing Nailer if you are interested in that too. here you can find that 3 in1 lube for the nailer if you need it.

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Mark D says:

Cool. If the framing for your flooring are all cut reasonably exact, you can use the squared corner of your first full sheet of treated plywood flooring to square it up with….


Very nice project ! I think the overhang on the roof is a good idea. 👍🏻

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