How To Build a Shed

How To Build a Shed

It is pretty quick, cheap and easy to build a garden shed, so I decided to organize my garden tools in this small backyard shed. Support me to help me make more videos!

Building a Barn Style Door –

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GRK R4 Torx Screws #9 & #8

Torx Driver T-25 1″

LED Shop Light with Reflector Shroud:

Sure-Foot F-Style Clamps

HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

JIG IT Shelving Jig w/Self-Centering Bit

Bandy Clamps

1/4″ Shelf Supports

Talon Pegboard Toolholders

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Joy McArthur says:

Another lady carpenter? Am I dreaming? You go girl!

Tommy Tntlife says:

Chic's Man

Thomas McLeod says:

You no longer living on my time or money 👌🏾

web1187 says:

better look when the masks off lol

Clinton Harrison says:

If those are you work clothes, I'd love to see you ready for a night out! @1:18

Rebecca Henderson says:

Have you thought about using some pallets for free?

dubyajayyo says:

You know what you need more than a shed? A man…to give you children…and build you a shed. Then you’d have a family. And a shed.

But noooo! You’re a strong, independent feminist! Besides, who needs a family with a future when you have a dog that will die in ten years?


Jessika Amsel says:

Á́ḿá́źí́ńǵǵǵ Fá́śté́śt Ẃőődé́ńńń Hőú́śé́ Bú́í́ĺddd śḱí́ĺĺś, É́xtŕé́ḿé́ é́ffé́ćtí́vé́éé ĺőǵ Hőú́śé́éé Bú́í́ĺd Ṕŕőćé́śś

Pedro Espinal says:

Are the only one who really made this look simple thanks

Robert Preston says:

How did you get the roof up there by yourself?

westr70 says:

Are there plans for this shed?

Dawson Lapointe says:

A real woman. This is awesome!

Benjamin Goldschmidt says:

ḌḮỴ Ṣḥḙḍ Ṗḷạṇṣ ẉḯṭḥ Ḍḙṭạḯḷḙḍ Ṣṭḙṗ-ḅỵ-Ṣṭḙṗ Ṭụṭợṛḯạḷṣ

srihari ayapilla says:

Nice hair Linn. Also, Awesome build !

Julian Perez says:

Great job!! How much did you spend on all the material?

Hector Castillo says:

Gracias muy interesante

Clueless Bushcraft says:

This is an excellent video!! Thank you so much for this! I've been looking for a simple and easy shed plan that isn't too big and this is perfect. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this video. You've got yourself a new sub here!

bangmeister2012 says:

Very capable lady

donald ferdinand says:

Will your foundation become rotted sitting directly on the ground?

StreetMachine18 says:

Subb’d. I like your style

Mike Hartung says:


Juan Sanchez says:

Very well explained, thanks!

Tom Emard says:

This young woman is a breath of fresh air and attractive as well as handy with wood!

Никита Рыбаков says:


Bob Eagle says:

how much time per week do you spend watching videos of other people doing stuff?

Alexis Silva says:

I'm so happy watching your videos. I'm so motivated to build up my own shed. would you please share the measures? thanks a lot, greetings from Chile! 😀

Steve Lopez says:

Great job, well explained and thought out. Finished out and detailed nicely, red door really pops.

joe Rodriguez says:

Thank you!! Building my new shed SOON.

Martín iracheta says:

Me gustó mucho su trabajo

kebo57 says:

How the hell did you get the finished (heavy) roof on top of it by yourself??

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