How To Build An 8×12 Shed In 10 Easy Steps

How To Build An 8×12 Shed In 10 Easy Steps Build an 8×12 garden shed in 10 easy steps using the plans avaliable on my website for $7.95.



andy home says:

Awesome video,, oh my god!!!

Georged518 says:

Nicely done. Keep up the good work.

J Escamilla says:

So do I need to put a ridge? Like maybe a 2×8?

Jameson Cross says:

Using 2×4's you should use 3 4×4's for skids underneath. It will be much stronger. You should also use pressure treated wood as well. The floor will get a lot of moister on it and it will rot out.

John O Connor says:

I would recommend a seat cut on the ends of all trusses.

GRaham GOuld says:

great video and information but I find it hard to listen to you as all I'm thinking is Robot!

Shaine MacDonald says:

Is this too hard for a rank beginner?

StrategicPrepper says:

Do your plans include a materials list + cut list? Thanks for the video, thumbs up!

N Lyons says:

Chap makes it clear at the start that this is a brief run through and a more in depth video is on his website. That said, this remains a very comprehensive and detailed description. Enough so that it almost puts me off attempting it at all. Kinda hoped it would be a lot easier 🙁

MyOtherNewName says:

I have a 20x50ft slab the previous homeowners had put in before I bought the house. After watching this, I may have found something to cover some of it up.

Treehouse Wise Woman Laura Lynne Dyer says:

Love this video. I need to build a hot water room around the plumbing under my treehouse and didn't want a concrete floor. This looks like I can maneuver what I need to around the all the pipes. Thank you so much! Treehouse Wise Woman

Chevy Van Travel says:

i love your explanations thank you. do you have anything on how to build a garage with a loft on top i have a small space to build and want to build up 🙂

Shaun Smith says:

you don't explain the technique of working out the angles and the degree of the slope for the roof trusses

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