How to Build Free or Cheap Shed from Pallets DIY Garage Storage Pt 6

How to Build Free or Cheap Shed from Pallets DIY Garage Storage Pt 6

Part 6



Romelia Darosa says:

Make it yourself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.

Nannette Battista says:

I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

Peg Dimarco says:

Go to woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

Christ Julius says:

This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it by myself.

Peg Dimarco says:

I can make it myself. Just got instructions from woodprix website and I'm ready for do it 😀

Luke Hams says:

Yes, I've also read the comments, amd I also recommend getting Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible. Last time I checked he was still giving it away on his site!

Toby Wigley says:

It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wood World.

Davaro Smith says:

As they say in Scotland "gid" or if you're English good shed! I tried to make a shed from pallets, mine was shite! I tore it down. I built a baught shed still shite, but it will do till I can aford a gid yin! There another Scottish word yin! Yours is sound as a pound!

lewandlo says:

Great  build ..the olny thing I would worry about is It looks like a hornet haven  hehe. and  skunks or possums would like it too . But If you run that metal right under the the bottom pallets it would keep any pests from making your shed their new home. Thanks for the hard work in making this video. It put some good ideas in my head to make one for my self.. Cheers

JOE FPOC says:

pretty cool but my wife would shoot me in the face if i put this in the yard. i was looking for a ideas of a cheepo shed due to if i add anymore buildings ill be over the code limit so i wanted something like this just to keep junk in and knock down when i sell the place… maybe this might work behind the garage

FloppyHatPhotos says:

Whats your zip code I might be up for a road trip?

Brett Hogg says:

hey buddy I just came across your videos .they are quite informative.wish u lived close to me I need to do some of that but im not the most gifted lol.

Clifton Lowrey says:

The overhang edge can be bent down, bend out away from building then bend up and you have an instant rain gutter. I like your videos and this project would be big enough to park a motercycle in if you plywood the floor or fill in with pallet wood.

James Trapp says:

looks like a waste of time, but if it serves your purpose for a few years I guess it is worth it. thanks for the vid.

FloppyHatPhotos says:

8 full & 4 that i used parts of.

Tony Arnel says:

hay how meny plits did i take

FloppyHatPhotos says:

Do you just brush it on or how do you wash it?

Wayne Osmand says:

If you washdown any galvanised metal with white vinigar you can paint it ok!

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