How to Pour a Concrete Shed Slab for Tough Sheds DIY!

How to Pour a Concrete Shed Slab for Tough Sheds DIY!

How to pour a 12 x 12 concrete shed slab! This is a Great DIY video for learning how to pour a concrete shed slab and what it takes to do it. In this video we go over all the steps necessary for pouring a shed slab. Hope you enjoy! Dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT for any questions!

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E-money23 D. says:

Im down to hear your dads stories. Lets hear it, nice job. What tools do you recommend to get that finish,i have an 8' x 12' piece i need to fill in?

Keith Wills says:

Looks good, hand mixing that much concrete is a workout!

Craig Rippon says:

12 hours, 3 guys PLUS materials… how much did you charge the client ? How much did you make per hour? Was it worth it?

arkansas13 says:

Great results, but tough day. I'm glad you persevered!
An eight dollar calculator with 'square root' function from Walmart will give you the diagonal of any size square/rectangle with only 3 calculations.

Boreasrex11 says:

"You know my momma loved me, but she don't understand they keep showing my hands and not my face on TV,"

andrew3p1 says:

always have good luck with day laborers from big box stores. great video as always thanks

Jarrod Koel says:

Home depot guy was jacked. He could do 14 bags in wheel barrow?

trickmiggy310 says:

Good to see you doing your own jobs, it’s motivation seeing younger guys get the job done. I’m getting my gc license soon. If you need help on jobs and don’t mind teaching, I’d be willing to work and learn. Ive had mostly good experience with people from Home Depot, but I’ve hear a ton of funny Ass stories too.

GetYourGameOn says:

Well its hard to fimd good help whem its just out of the blue..otherwise post amd ad for help..

Jesus Gonzalez says:

Great video! Keep up the great work guys !

El Lobo says:

After yrs of picking up HD employees, one day there union let me know we were buying lunch along with the hourly rate. Lol

Drew Willcock says:

This "picking up guys at Home Depot" thing….. It must be a "thing" as they way its discussed it seems an everyday thing…. But what is it???

Arthur Hernandez says:

Just to ask. Why didn't you use one of those tub electric mixers.

djm93 says:

full send bro! the ghetto way is the best way!

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