DIY Porch Makeover on a Budget

DIY Porch Makeover on a Budget

Landscape designer Sara Bendrick shows how to get the designer look for less! In this video, Sara is at her friend’s house to surprise her with a patio makeover—watch as she takes this patio from drab to fab! As you can see, Sara’s friend doesn’t use the patio to its potential, so while she’s out Sara transforms it into an outdoor oasis. She’s going to love it! Let’s get started! Sara will add color, comfort, and texture to this outdoor space to make it comfortable and enjoyable. Since she is working with a budget, she will keep some of the items already on the patio but reconfigure them to get this patio to its highest potential. Working from the ground up, Sara adds color and a soft place for to kick off shoes with a durable outdoor area rug. An outdoor area rug will anchor the outdoor space, too. These are built to last, and if the rug gets dirty, she can give it a quick rinse with the hose. This bench was already on the patio, but Sara can easily pull it away from the wall to use as a table or a side piece then she’ll get creative with seating. She brought this garden bench onto the patio to give her plenty of deep seating without taking up tons of room. This bench will be great when she’s entertaining family and friends.
See how much of a difference that made already? Now, this is where the fun really begins! Think outside the box when adding color and texture—even a watering can and a metal side table can add a pop of color and character. A little color from these outdoor pillows adds personality that she’ll love! Throw blankets and outdoor throw pillows boost the cozy factor and make this outdoor room feel like a living space. Think vertically when it comes to décor, from hanging planters to lightweight wall décor, a little bit goes a long way. Last but not least, it wouldn’t be one of her projects without some plants. A few planters and fuss-free plants is all we need to finish this patio—which is great because Sara’s friend is going to be home soon! Ok here she comes, we hope she likes it! See? It doesn’t take much to overhaul your outdoor space, and Sara did it on a budget. Thanks for watching! Try one of these budget-friendly ideas for your patio!

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Frank Strange says:

Can’t even see the whole thing

Sandra Hammons says:

Is anyone else bothered by the side table being in the way of walking on to the porch?

rosemarie novak says:

WAYFAIR is ridiculously EXPENSIVE!  I wouldn't buy SQUAT from that rip off Company!

Gloria J. Pinsker says:

That hard wooden bench should have seat cushions to make it more comfortable.

Tokyo Makes says:

DIY Porch Makeover on a BIG Budget, this must have cost several hundred dollars at least.

Sue Jones says:

Very nice but not budget.

Brandon Tran says: can you please provide the link for this rug? I can't find it in the 28,000 rugs.

Life Little says:

Loved every element of it. It looked very welcoming.

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